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  1. You're on the top of ***Pragmatic Bus' Most Hated List***
  2. They're just ****in with you. I don't blame them though, you keep feeding their sadistic hunger.
  3. Now I'm definitely for drafting Taylor Mays
  4. I will donate something no problem. Like I said anything for a good cause. You are welcome to ban me right after.

  5. If you're gonna talk trash over the internet don't get a sore vagina when someone says something back. Make sure you can take it too, before you try to dish it out. Specially if I don't have jokes with you.
  6. Just tell him to keep my name out of his posts and we will get along just fine.
  7. Thankyou for the link. I will donate as soon as I can. Anything for a good cause... I might not be able to donate a lot since times are tough for me.

  8. Idk but you can block the mental midget inside the Bot.
  9. Partriosts are just a former shell of themselves. Just because they beat a sorry ass Jets team at home, doesn't make them a superbowl contender.
  10. There is a contradiction in your hypothesis but I won't point it out.
  11. Cmon man I'm just trying to have fun with this.

  12. I'm trying to be annoying, not funny.

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