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  1. Batteries is the gift that keeps on giving... that's all I'm saying!
  2. I think that was the excuse I used for your gift last year.... yeah, the Post Office! Right! Just kidding.....
  3. OMG, I actually thought this was somewhat funny..... you MUST be stoned to seriously enjoy it though. The stolen kidney was a major letdown!!! LMAO
  4. Shaved, lol. Chicken Parm or Eggplant Parm
  5. hahaha $15 toppings... that's funny to me.
  6. haha. Not only that JerryK, but even Family Guy is borderline sometimes with their humor. I personally love that show, but it's interesting to hear clips are played in school. Hmmm. Chappelle's .... def worse!
  7. Wishing you wonderful memories to cherish always...
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