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  1. Batteries is the gift that keeps on giving... that's all I'm saying!
  2. I think that was the excuse I used for your gift last year.... yeah, the Post Office! Right! Just kidding.....
  3. OMG, I actually thought this was somewhat funny..... you MUST be stoned to seriously enjoy it though. The stolen kidney was a major letdown!!! LMAO
  4. Shaved, lol. Chicken Parm or Eggplant Parm
  5. hahaha $15 toppings... that's funny to me.
  6. haha. Not only that JerryK, but even Family Guy is borderline sometimes with their humor. I personally love that show, but it's interesting to hear clips are played in school. Hmmm. Chappelle's .... def worse!
  7. Wishing you wonderful memories to cherish always...
  8. I used to wear Sung years ago... loved it. Women's, of course.
  9. Christian Diore Jadore Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Ralph Lauren Blue Kenzo, original that you can't get in stores anymore Some oldies but goodies Estee Lauder Beautiful Paul Sebastian Design
  10. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite (and most mature) posters on JN!
  11. I remember the Typhoons and Cyclones only because I used to be a store manager as at a speed shop. We sold products and worked on GNs, Mustangs, Vettes, etc, etc. Rebuilt engines, installed superchargers, performance plugs and wires... all that stuff you guys get hot over... manifolds, headers, blah blah blah. Not sure why his headlight is out... maybe his wife kicked it out 'cuz he spent so much money on those sticky tires. LOL
  12. LMAO, reminds me of the good ole' days at Atco and Raceway Park. VneQFkT2WPQ&feature=related
  13. America Ventura Highway Audioslave Like a Stone Bobby Valentino Slow Down Collective Soul Brings Me Down Iron Maiden Caught Somewhere in Time
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