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  1. Nice win. No turnovers. Still missed a sure TD to Nelson. Is Geno inaccurate because of his footwork? Was he late on the throw? Do you expect him to improve his accuracy next year, or is this as good as it gets?
  2. Long suffering Jet fans will remember the announcer-free game between the Jets and Dolphins in 1980. Believe Bruce Harper had a good day that day. End of the season game that meant nothing. Here's a link. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/otl/news/story?id=5906858
  3. No one wants the Jets to win more than I do. Rex is over his head. Not ready to play the AFC championship vs Pittsburgh. Clueless in 2011 when he lost the team and Holmes' cancer spread. Hired Sparano 2012. Terrible. What talent/guts Sanchez had evaporated. The Sanchez injury. No clue on offense-Ever. It's a win-now league. He's had 5 years and we are definitely in reverse. Time to go.
  4. You're worse than Sanchez. So bad that you will get Rex fired. FInally!
  5. Too weak of an arm, but the last smart, accurate passer the Jets have had that could carve up a defense. Yes, Favre was very good for 10 games. Yes, I know he wouldn't have gotten in done in Buffalo with the wind. It would just be refreshing to see a Jets QB take what the defense gives him.
  6. Another dumb challenge by Rex in the first half. Doesn't someone upstairs tell him not to throw the challenge flag??
  7. I forgot about him. Was he the OC for Herm Edwards? 2001-2003. Before Hackett?
  8. I swear like a sailor. I don't like it when someone replies to a post and makes it a personal attack.
  9. Sorry for the dumb thread. Should not have posted it.
  10. For those who discussed the "Hate Sanchez" thread-thanks. I appreciated the comments/insights. For the profanity-Really? Why do that? Come on. I've been a Jet fan since 1964. Am just frustrated by continued crappy football. I hope Geno works out. Don't think he makes the quick decisions you need as a QB. Yes, I know he is only 4 games in. I saw the Browning Nagle season opener against the Falcons in 1993. Another big arm. Thought he was the next great QB. 300+ yards that day. BigOrangeJetFan means that I was a Jet fan living in Tennessee, Big Orange country. Have since moved to Georgia. Wish all my Jet fan brothers well...even the haters.
  11. Rex passes on Warmack to get another "shut down" CB. Warmack/Richardson would have been a great draft.
  12. No one remembers 2011. We would be 3-1 with him at QB. Tanny's fault for surrounding him with garbage OL talent, other than Mangold/Brick. We would have beaten NE with him at QB. No play makers. Lousy offensive coordinators. Would have had a good year this year. I've said it. Bring on the hate.
  13. Bad as Sanchez is, he gives us the best chance of winning. Ryan knows he is on the hot seat and that he will be gone after this season if we don't improve. After the 1st half, he had to know that Geno is a project. So he puts out Sanchez with a back up O line in front of him?? Really??? This is more than just our entertainment, this is a business. Ryan just badly mishandled an $8.5 million investment, just to show he could be a good backup? Aren't you thinking that Woody wants Rex gone after this?
  14. Rex should be out of work this morning. All of us who work know there are rules which, when broken, mean you are fired. Getting your starting QB hurt in the 4th quarter of a pre season game should mean you are out of work. Am I wrong?
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