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  1. Lelie reminds me of McCareins. Not that I've soured on McCareins as much as some, but I'm not sure if I want two similar receivers like that.
  2. I would rather build the offense around Ramsey and see what he can do. I'm not sure if he'll ever be great, but he has the tools. When he gets time, you can see that he possesses the arm and accuracy to make all the throws. That's the problem, though. He stays in the pocket with the football a little too long, and when you combine that with the awful OL that Spurrier gave him, it's a recipe for disaster. If Mangini puts a priority on building up the OL, one that will give Ramsey the time, I think he can be good.
  3. I'm shocked that there wasn't more interest in Kassell. Smart, tough, hard working LB that will fit in perfectly with what Mangini is trying to build on defense. Love this move.
  4. Yep. They saved a lot of money by releasing him. I think they knew when they signed him it was just going to be a one year thing, a move to try and push them over the hump.
  5. Great signing, especially for that low price.
  6. Jets | Baker re-signed Fri, 24 Mar 2006 15:17:46 -0800 The New York Jets have announced the team has re-signed free agent TE Chris Baker (Jets). Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
  7. That's a good move for them.
  8. Eagles | Runyan reaches multi-year deal to return Fri, 24 Mar 2006 11:56:40 -0800 Adam Caplan, of Pro Football News and Injury Report, reports the Philadelphia Eagles have reached a multi-year deal to retain OT Jon Runyan. Terms of the deal are not currently available.
  9. If Schottenheimer can tweak his mechanics a little, and we can get some good pass-protection for him from our OL, we may have something here.
  10. I hope we land Runyan, but I get the feeling he is just using us to get more money from the Eagles.
  11. Good thing is Tampa isn't in charge anymore, Cashman is, so we should see less bonehead decisions like signing Wright and Womack over Lieber and Cairo, and Randy Johnson over Beltran, Vazquez, Halsey, Navarro.
  12. No link, someone posted it on TGG. By Dale Lolley Courtesy of the Observer-Reporter Date: Mar 22, 2006 Ike Taylor tied for the NFL lead with 25 pass defenses last season. The New York Jets have been a thorn in the side of the Pittsburgh Steelers thus far in the offseason, first signing former Steelers defensive end Kimo von Oelhoffen and then outbidding them for the services of wide receiver Tim Dwight. Now, the Jets may have cornerback Ike Taylor on their radar. With their trade of digruntled defensive end John Abraham to Atlanta Tuesday, the Jets now own two first round picks in next month's draft, their own pick (fourth overall) and the 29th thanks to the Abraham trade. Negotiations between the Steelers and restricted free agent cornerback Ike Taylor have been sparse, leading the team to re-sign cornerback Deshea Townsend to a four-year contract earlier this week. The 25-year-old Taylor has received some interest on the open market, according to agent Scott Smith, but the Steelers
  13. We're better off having Wright on the DL than available for Torre to use. By being healthy, he can only hurt us. Now this guarantees spots for Chacon and Wang, two guys who really deserve it.
  14. I think my IQ dropped 10 points just by reading that (and since there isn't much there, that's a big drop!)
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