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  1. wow Jimmy STILL after all these years you're still so far up Tex's a$$ your tasting hairspray!
  2. Getting back to Dungy. He said he would never hire Rex because he curses too much. But he would hire Vick who clubbed and electrocuted dogs to death.
  3. He will wear his tube top and you wear your favorite skirt.
  4. It is estimated that about 2046, whites will be the minority in the U S. Damn, I won't be around for White Heritage Day at the Meadowlands Stadium.
  5. Your in trouble now. Gay boy will come with his "nice and kind friends" and slap you around with their programs. If anyone is quizzical about the quote marks, a few years ago in a discussion about what someone did with their friends, Sweety came on and said that his nice and kind friends wouldn't do anything like that. It just confirms what some think about this "guy".
  6. Right. They signed LT before the draft after they released TJ. After they drafted McKnight they then traded LW.
  7. The writer of the article claims the LT low cost signing had all the making of a market gambit to juice up PSL sales. I understand there is an FBI all points bulletin being distributed looking for the guy who bought a PSL because LT joined the Jets.
  8. The only disagreement I might have is that TRich stays. They are still a running team and at this point to hand it to connor might be a risk. I think the main point in drafting him was as a replacement in waiting for TRich. Connor might actually start out on the PS. Also Weathersford remains the Punter. supposedly he was having a great camp.
  9. Have you heard if the minicamp will be open to the public as it was last year???
  10. I remember watching games on TV in the 50s. Most of the time they only showed one game and I think most of the time they showed the Cleveland Browns. However the first game I remember that has stuck in my mind is the 1958 Championship game between Balto and the Giants. I was in the Army at the time and was rooting for Balto and I lived in NY but didn't like the Giants.
  11. If he isn't an UFA and he is an RFA, up until today the only RFA that didn't sign the tender was Leon. And if he is an RFA and signed with the Redskins what do the Jets get in return. Every news report i see says he was a UFA. Was he in some no mans land that we didn't know about???
  12. #4 Wrs have to play special teams. I would like to be a fly on the wall when ryan tells him he has to do that.
  13. Enough with bringing someone in to mentor Sanchez. The guy went to the AFC championship. If they bring in a vet QB chances on that guy never was in a playoff game. Sanchez could mentor him.
  14. By the time Dec. rolls around, Tampa will be out of it. I can see the stadium being more Green than the Tampa colors. There's a large contingent already coming up from South Florida in addition to the usual contingents from the NY/NJ area. I'm in North Central Florida and I know a lot of Jet fans going to the game.
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