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  1. Do ya want a cookie....
  2. I am banned from there and you might think i dont got respect for there mods. Well I do. I mean there mods are real cool they just want u too be good there. You also might think I dont like MisterMoss, well I dont know if we dislike eachother but we kinda dont talk. Although sometimes we might say whats up in a chat room. Why does everybody think that TGG mods are ****...
  3. Knows everything about every phone, has to much time on his hands.
  4. No affence but I cant see how some people could be such a big fan of a punter. But thats what you are, your a great fan and I hope everything goes well. Good luck.
  5. Well get to know him because he has a chance of starting next year, because " The Sowell Train " is most likely going to be cut.
  6. Im sorry to say this but I rather have Fabini ugly ass out of this organization. Hes too washed up and old. Hes just hurting this offensive line even more. I would like for us to take a OL in the 2nd and the 3rd.
  7. John Abe had 10.5 sacks with the troubles of our defensive line. Ellis had a horribile year and so did Robertson (not a suprise). Hell Lance Legree had a better season then D-Rob. What Im trying to say is he got double teamed and still had 10.5 sacks and no other teammate had more then 5. Its a shame because if you look at the Giants with Micheal and Osi, or the Peppers with Julius and Rucker. How can you possibily say forget that loser ???
  8. I guess were not to approach a CB in this years draft or off-season. I really looked forward for Ty Law to be with the Jets. Damn we need money...Later Ty Law.
  9. Dont even talk to me, your the one that got me banned. Haha Im kidding, Im your friend, I hope Im your friend. Anyways I got to go to tutar, all basketball player have to do it. Well class is over in 2 minutes. So later.
  10. Im in school right now fellas, what up. French class is mad boaring.....not French dressing. Haha. I miss you Streets and Dave....haha.
  11. petro we all want the threads.............
  12. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....................chill hes going to answer your question.
  13. He wants to be part of the Jet-5....... :cheers:
  14. Well ya are, Im not camping here. I live here.
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