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  1. I reckon the #jets done Coles a favour by cutting him now. Puts him back on the Market early for other teams needing a WR.

    1. Mentos


      The Jets will sign him after Week 1 or he'll retire and join the Jets scouting department. I very much doubt he will play with another team.

  2. Happy revis day everyone.

    1. Greenranger


      Did Darrelle see his shadow?

  3. Sanchez has two ints that weren't really ints.

    1. dolphann4life


      saw the highlights and there is no way you can fault Sanchez for those.

  4. #ff @ukjets the home for British #jet fans. #nyj #NFL
  5. Just watched the BBC's #Sherlock .Was very good but I did figure out who the killer was before the characters.

  6. Nice depth on at DE with the pryce signing but I'm still not comfortable with nose tackle depth. I wonder who gets the boot.

  7. That crabbie's alcoholic Ginger beer is amazing. My new favourite tipple.

  8. Rooting for the wolves in the rugby league final. Some big hitting so far.

  9. #ff @ukjets home of uk jet fans. I must spend more time on the forums.
  10. #doctorwho holy sh*t.what a clif hanger
  11. #ThankYouJerrico for all the plays and all the heart. @cotcheryfoundat played like a #jet. Deserves a better ending to his jet career.
  12. Gutted.great effort Scotland. Stadium was rocking on the 2nd goal.

  13. RT: @nfl_uk: The NFL is returning to Channel Four in the UK for Sunday Night Football! More details here: http://tinyurl.com/376u96p AWESOME

  14. Today is a good day.Won the #BAFANL Division 2 North today.Proud to be a West Coast Trojan

  15. #Glasgow derby final score #WCTrojans 60 - 0 Glasgow Tigers #bafacl #americanfootball
  16. Very surprised by the Cummings cut. He looked real good this preseason,as in potential future starter good.

  17. Really enjoyed Run Ricky Run. #30for30 #espn

  18. Was just offered a job. Vacancy was advertised on the @UWSELink website. Thanks for all the help #uws

  19. I can't believe how quickly this week has gone. How can it be Friday tomorrow?

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