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  1. This show ROCKS!!!! along with Father Ted this is THE best comedy to come out of the UK in 20 years, pure genius and SO with the times.

    Watch at least one episode, if you don`t find the humour then stop, it isn`t for you, but if you find a laugh then watch it from the start and prepare to positively wet yourself throughout and enjoy, simply brilliant characters and so well written.

    If you like it you will be so pleased you watched more and will enjoy what a great show this is.

    Thumbs up!!

    Check out the IT crowd,it's done by the guy who created Father Ted.

  2. David Mitchell is hilarious!

    One of my favourites,Webb is good as well.

    The UK is having a bit of a comedy resurgence,there is a lot of programes for stand up comedians to do their thing and sitcoms like the inbetweeners,peep show and the IT crowd are some of the best we've done in a long time.

  3. I quite enjoy watching Aussie Rules and I'd love the chance to play.It looks like a really fun sport to play.

    It's also hard to follow because of the times it's on at and I don't think I've ever seen a close game of Aussie Rules.

  4. Why the **** do you care really? is he using your dick to knock these chicks up?

    it's really none of your business what he does with his penis or who he impregnates. The jokes were funny initially but now it's redundant and lame.

    Whoa!! Calm down.

    I'm just pointing out the stark contrast between his behaviour and the christian ideals that he seems to follow.Cromartie probably doesn't care what I think but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on his off the field behaviour.

    I think it's showing poor judgement to have several children with different woman.

  5. Well pro-football focus is a good site for football analysis. I know the guys who run it and they know their ****, they literally do watch every player on every play. The guy who done the rankings for the Jets is a Ravens fan and he had Woody coming out BEST in the league out of all tackles with Brick coming 5th out of all tackles and 2nd among LT's.


    Think of their rankings what you will but if Brick was as bad as people think, he simply wouldn't be that high. He was, along with the rest of our line, outstanding last season.

    They've also got a page which breaks down the runs,We have a healthy 4.7 yard per carry of the LT,but we only had 28 runs off of LT,lowest on the team.


  6. Thats why I dont like posting on NE boards.

    This isn't specific to just the jets and the pats.One of the worst things about the internet is that it gives idiots a voice.Every message board will have fans that are homers or just talking out their arse.

    One of my biggest pet peves is when someone will judge the entire fan base based on the words of an idiot with a keyboard.

  7. Dbrick and Woody rated very well against the pass last year.Mario against both of them will be a fun one to watch,I'd leave them one on one and see how they do.If Mario starts beating them constanlty then we've got to leave help in.I'd rather have Keller out running routes so it will probably fall to Thomas Jones.

    Someone mentioned it earlier,Revis won't shutdown Johnson but I believe he can contain him.I think covering Ownes will be shared around,I'm expecting that we will be constalty moving peole around and sharing coverage responsibilites.I believe we have enough talent in the secondary to stop both from having a big day.

    The texans away is a very tough challenge is not an automatic win,but I believe it is a game we can win.We need to be playing on form from the get go.I think the way to beat them is to get after Schaub and shut down the run.

  8. Who else could we have taken there?

    That draft had a "big six" and he was the last one available.

    I didn't want him either, but we didn't have much of a choice.

    Very true,considering the reports of how thorough our combine interviews were I beleive Mangini didn't even want him.He was just too much of a project to be able to compete in a system where players are to be flexible.

    I reckoned he learned his lesson,we got to trade up for such a small price for Sanchez was probably down to Mangini not liking any of the prospects at that stage of the draft.

  9. I agree his distruction was fishy and mishandled. And unfair to the Patriots. Pretty much everyones reaction to seeing the second set of tapes was..."that it, what it the big deal?" His distruction of the tapes was to cover up for the fact that there wasn't much on the tapes to justify the overly harsh punishment.

    I disagree,I think it was to protect the image of the league.

    Remember how red hot the story was when it first broke,the thing everyone wanted to know was if the patriots cheated when they won the superbowl.Bellichick told Godell that he'd been doing this years and if the public found out then it would of been a much bigger scandal.7 months later we finaley got told the truth but it was hidden by the disapointment of not seeing a walkthrough tape of the Rams at the superbowl.

  10. We are are not talking about a small error, such as player actually playing in 66 plays and them saying it was 64. Or completely missing a player that was only in two plays.

    And it couldn't be they didn't watch all of NEP's games...they have Matt Light at 1123 plays. Moss at 1096 etc. Could Moss be off and really be 1092 or 1105?...sure. I would not noticce an error like that.

    But 64 for Tom Brady stands out as pretty obvious. He threw almost that many TD.

    I can't see the 64 plays but he does have less than he should.

    It's probably because of two reasons

    A)it was the site's first season attempting this mamoth task

    B)They didn't do much player partcipation in 2007,which is where they probably get the their info for number of plays.

    2008,the data is complete.But I think they abandoned 2007 when 2008 started.

  11. The data on that site is not accurate. I have not spot checked every piece of data, but it is pretty obvious to even the least knowlegable about football that Tom Brady particpated in more than 64 plays during the 2007 NFL season.

    They never got round to completing the data for 2007 season.I don't even think they got half the games done,2008 however is complete.

    Although to be fair,if you review every single play of every single game,you are going to have the odd mistake.The people who done the site are human.

  12. Hey all,some of you may of stumbled accross this site before.

    Pro football focus is run by die hard fans who have watch every play over and over again and asign a grade for each player on if they succeded in doing their task or not (0 being a standard,- being a poor job and + being a good job).All the grades are added up for games and the season so you can view who is the best at their positions and who are horrible.

    You might just be surprised by some of the results,remember good players can have a bad plays and it all takes a couple of bad plays to remove all the good work you've done.And those unsung players who do all the dirty work might grade higher than those who make highlight plays.

    Also check out the player partcipation for each game,it tells you who was on the filed and where they lined up on every play (minus special teams).

    As you can imagine a lot of effort has gone into producing this site and I reckon it paints a better picture of how good players are compared to their stats.

    Check it out.


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