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  1. Off : Chad Pennington

    It's not a classic breakout like Jerrico Cotchery last year,but I think Chad is going to have his best year since 2002.A year under his belt in this system and his arm should be stronger without an offseason filled with rehab.I can't see any young player on our offense breaking one of our average veteran players having a career year.

    Def : Dewayne Robertson

    He's becoming one of the most versatile linemen in the league.He has to rely on his technique instead of his size to play the 3-4 but you have the added advantage of getting more out of your nose tackle in the passing game.

    He gave some of the best centres in the league a lot of problems last year,with a year under his belt in the 3-4,I think we can expect a good year from Robertson.

  2. Like Luoto is any good, HE WAS PRACTICE SQUAD NFL EUROPE! That is lower than AFL. The DE the Bears got sounds like the only one that could make a practice squad. By "looking" overseas, scouts are ignoring Canada, and before the NFL touches Europe again, there must be a stronger following in Mexico. Someone posted that NFL Europa failed because of poor management, if there were demand over there, it wouldn't be incompetents running the league. All that Mangini was doing was a publicity stunt with the wrestlers. But, it is easier and more cost effective to get athletes from here like the wrestlers and Jesse Pellot-Rosa. I guess in the end, it really doesn't matter with one extra spot made, because in the end, its just fodder.

    There is not going to be an instant demand when you try an incorporate something new.It will take decades to build up interest in am arket that is dominated by soccer and already has it's contact sport in rugby.

    To go back on my original comments,the league did do a good job of introducing the game to Europe,attendances were generally good and they were raising awareness of the game.The problems were that there wasn't enough money when it came to advertising and the product on the field was poor.NFL Teams stopped sending over players with potential because all their playing experience will more than negated by missing valuable NFL off season work outs.NFL Europe should of been run along side the NFL season,meaning the late round draft picks and promising UDFA could been sent to Europe for game time and still get the off season workouts.More talented players on the field means a better product which means even better attendances.There would also be ab etter return on players coming through the league.

  3. Football is to DIFFERENT as a sport to ever be a world wide success with international players. Baseball and Basketball are not sports like Football. To see an influx of good talent from Europe(other than kickers and punters), a huge number of people would have to give a **** about North American Football. If tons of people aren't INTERESTED there is no point. Why did NFL Europe FAIL to begin with? Because people were not interested. Ever play Dick Curl's NFL Europa 2006? No jerseys, no lucrative contracts, no major TV deals=NO INTEREST. The NFL should just stick to North America right now because there is interest in Canada(CFL and their college football) and in Mexico there is growing interest. Right now, the NFL is not international, its AMERICAN. Over in Europe they call it "American Football", and they don't want anything to do with our obese, big belt buckled, 10 mpg suvs and a war that is going nowhere. I have been to Europe before, THEY HATE AMERICA AND AMERICANS. Germany was the only place where we didnt get **** thrown at us wherever we went and in Berlin we almost got mugged. In France, thugs mugged two gay guys from America right off of the plane. American football will always fail in Europe and it would be a worthless crapshoot for European players to be given spots when there are Canadian and American players that are better waiting for a call.

    NFL Europe failed because it was poorly run.The league was quite successful in raising the games profile.it's just too expensive to fly over hundreds of personnel to and about europe.Not to mention the costs of renting stadiums and accommodation.

  4. I've been to a million concerts where I was in the seating section and if it's a hard rock/metal band there are rarely fans sitting down. Just because floor seats are sold out doesn't mean people shouldn't get up and scream and have a great time. Very disappointing.

    The action and the craziness is always going to be down the front though.So if your going to experience the insanity of a concert in the uk then you've got to be down the front.And in general,most arenas in the uk are poor for sound.

    Although I don't believe that all gigs in the UK will be insane,you need the right combination of artist,venue and most of all the crowd.One of the best bands in the UK is Pete Doherty's Babyshambles,they aren't really talented musicians but the crowd is always up for it.

  5. Aren't we getting some great talent! Woo, the majority of these Euros were backups in NFL Europe, that is pretty ****ing pathetic. The Colts got the only practice squad capable player. I'll pass on the hidden treasure trove of international football talent. Oh, wait they already have football. Why the hell do the Jets get the big doofy Finnish guy for that barely played? WTF, I really don't give a damn, there is better talent in AF2 than these Euro Trash, why is the NFL trying to force the world to like football, the world doesn't like America and they have their own sports already. All people want from America around the world is McDonalds, Coca Cola, Baby Phat and David Hasselhoff.

    Starting positions are decided in the head office more often than on the training field in NFL Europe.NFL teams allocate guys over to Europe to get playing time and kick up a fuss when their guys don't see the field,pressure is put on the headcoaches to ensure that the allocated players get first crack at the starting positions.There has been a few decent national players over the years who maybe,with the right coaching,could make it onto an NFL team.And that's what this scheme is about.We're getting an extra spot on the practice squad because of this.

  6. ...thoughts about our week 4 loss to the colts.

    I've got all the 2006 regular season games on DVD and I'm going through the process of watching them all again,when I say watching I mean watching each play many times and look at what each player is doing.The only problem is that because of the camera angles,you ca't see what the defensive backs and WR's are doing.Anyway here are my thoughts about the game.

    Even though Shaun Ellis had two sacks,I felt he had a poor game.He gambled a lot on running plays,instead of taking up blockers and maintaining his gap he'd attack another gap.Sure he'd end up the back field but the play was often going to the other way which left a massive cut back lane.He was also man handled by Ryan Diem a few times.

    However Dewayne Robertson had a pretty good game,he was still guessing which gap to occupy but he made some nice run stuffing plays when he guessed right.He also didn't get completely blown off the ball by double teams,he ended up in the dirt a few times but you can definitely see the signs of improvement form Robertson in this game.But what really impressed me about D-Rob was his pass rushing,he destroyed Jeff Saturday several times and fought well against double teams.Two plays that stuck out;

    1)Shuan Ellis 2nd sack-Robertson beat Saturday right off the bat with a rip move forcing Manning to run out to his right and into the path of Shaun Ellis.

    2)The Colts 2nd last TD on a 3rd and goal from the 2.-The colts ran play action,faking the stretch play to the left and almost every one bit except Robertson who went to the colts right.He applied intense pressure on Manning and probably would of forced an incomplete pass if it wasn't the fact that it was Peyton Manning.Manning made an incredible throw off his back foot to score a TD.

    Jonathan Vilma had a frustrating game.He looked like his old self at times,reading the play and meting the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield. But too many times did he miss the tackle.

    Brad Kassell watch-Many jet fans dislike Kassell,but I suspect he's not deserving of the criticism he gets and as such has vowed to keep an eye out for Kassell and see how he does.He only got a few snaps but each time he looked more like a 3-4 ILB than Vilma or Barton.Each time he took on the block and shed that blocker quickly.The running plays weren't to his side of the play so he couldn't make the tackle but I liked how he takes on the blockers.

    On the Colts 2nd last TD,the player who was meant to cover the Tight end who scored was Kerry Rhodes,sadly Kerry bit on the play action.

    We all know D'Brickashaw Ferguson isn't going to be a dominating run blocker,but he looked good when blocking at the second level.People ask who's going to be our lead pulling blocker if Kendall goes,the answer could be D'Brick.

    On Kevan Barlows TD run,BJ Askew did a poor job and blocked his man into Barlow.Luckily for him Barlow broke the tackle.Ferguson did a nice job of taking out a LB on the second level,Kendall and Mangold both did good jobs of blocking a lineman and then a man on the second level.

    Next game I'm watching is the blow out loss to the jags.Should be fun...

  7. My main criticism of Mangini is that he can be too aggressive.I don't like the surprise onside kicks and going for on it 4th down even though we have the momentum,but it's better to be too aggressive than too conservative I guess.

  8. Defensive tackle.

    A top flight defensive tackle will not only stuff the run but should collapse the pocket and help out the secondary.What good is a shut down corner if teams can run it down your throat or if the QB has all day to throw?What good is an elite MLB if he's got a guard in his face every play?A good DT helps out everyone.

    A great pass rushing end probably comes next,the more you hurry the QB the more turnovers you'll force.

  9. Yip

    NFL Europa to cease operations

    The NFL folded its development league in Europe, calling the decision a sound business move that will allow for a stronger international focus on regular-season games outside the United States.

    The announcement came less than a week after the Hamburg Sea Devils beat the Frankfurt Galaxy 37-28 in the World Bowl title game in Frankfurt before a crowd of 48,125. Five of the league's six teams are based in Germany, with the other in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    A statement on the German-language edition of the NFL's Web site said the NFL decided to concentrate its "strategies and resources" on regular-season games outside the United States in an effort to reach as many people as possible.

    "We thank our fans for the great support in the past years," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was quoted as saying.

    Goodell said it was time to develop a new international strategy, terming the move to fold NFL Europa the "best business decision." The league reportedly was losing about $30 million a season.

    "From now on we will focus on regular-season games and use new technologies to make NFL more popular worldwide," he said.

    NFL team owners decided in October to play up to two regular-season games outside the United States. The first such game will be Oct. 28 in London between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants.

    The league began in 1991 as the World League of American Football, with 10 teams from the United States and Europe. After closing for two seasons in 1993 and 1994, the league returned with six European teams and retained the same format until the end.

    The league was used by NFL teams to test young talent and produced players such as quarterback Kurt Warner, who led the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl XXXIV title and won two NFL Most Valuable Player awards; Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme; and star Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri.

    NFL Europa managing director Uwe Bergheim said the league had succeeded in establishing a fan base for football in important European markets.

    "Despite the great support of fans, business partners and the cities where we were active, we decided that it was time to change the strategy," Bergheim said.

  10. Wasnt Chad called scrambled eggs too? No wait, he was just an egg. Close though.

    Was there any reason to make this jibe?This thread wasn't about Chad,this thread wasn't about another QB on the Jets,it wasn't even about the Jets.Yet you still go out of your way to bash him.You are as about as rational as ecurb when it comes to Chad.

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