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  1. Wow, you are clueless when it comes to Quarterback play. Brooks Bollinger and Vinny Testaverde led that injury raiden team to a 4-12 record. Chad Pennington might have done as well as 6-10, barely any better.

    Once Chad is gone or benched and a real Quarterback is inserted into the starting lineup, all you Pennington lovers will finally be able to see what real Quarterback play is again.

    Clueless?Ding ding ding,124 wins.

    Once again 124 just states his opinion and treats it as fact.Most people would of expected the Jets to post a better record than 6-10 with Chad but you are going to state that it's 6 wins and not back it up,unless you saying that Chad isn't a real quarterback.

    Of course lets say chad pennington was playing with this injury riddled team.Would that stop you from blaming the 10 loses you foresee at Chads door or would you take into account the factors that can affect a QBs play?It's hard to tell,becuase you are the first to make excuses for Chads wins and the first to blame the losses on him.

  2. I'm not hijacking anything.

    Has Chad won 11 games in the regular season?

    Once again this thread is about wither or not Chad is a good QB and how he should be rated,you keep trying to turn this into is Chad a great QB debate?Is he on the level of Brady and Manning?Is he good enough to take the Jets to a superbowl?I'm sick and tired of every ****ing thread getting turned into the same old argument.

  3. 17 TD 16 INT 2000 something yards passing is pretty mediocre. The team record doesn't always speak to the QB's contributions, if it did, Trent Dilfer is clearly a better QB than Chad Pennington and many other NFL QBs.

    I agree but other people were bringing up what his record was so i though i'd fight fire with fire.

    No doubt his stats weren't pretty last year but they are pretty good for coming off of two consecutive shoulder injuries.I'm expecting chad to post much better stats than last year.

  4. He is a mediocre Quarterback. Period.

    8-4 - 02

    4-6 - 03

    8-5 - 04

    1-2 - 05

    10-6 - 06

    2-3 (playoffs)

    There you have it. Chad Pennington's record as a starting Quarterback. Add it up:

    31-23 = Regular Season

    2-3 = Postseason

    33-26. Wow. Its a little bit over .500, but, if we establish his record against winning teams, its far worse then .500.

    2 Wild Card wins in 5 seasons.

    1 AFC East crown in 5 seasons.

    Chad Pennington is a mediocre, middle, AVERAGE, Quarterback.

    But they are 9-18 without chad pennington which is .333.And quite frankly I believe a good QB makes up for a .200 increase in a teams win rating,not a an average QB.

    Judging a QB by their record against winning teams is probably a better way of judging great QBs,but we're not debating if Chad is a great QB,we are discussing if he is a good QB.

    And 0.559 is above medicore.So at worst Chad is an above medicore QB by the very least;)

  5. So you want a guy who "wins" in the regular season and then ****s the bed in the playoffs?

    Two points.

    1)This isn't about what i want,this is about how people are rating Chad Pennington.Sure I'd like a better QB,but'd also like a better efense,a better offense line,better wide receivers and a better running back.

    2)You are are once again going a wee bit over the top when describing his playoff performances.Sure he could of played better in our losses but stop trying to make it sound like he put in the worst performance ever seen in a sporting event.

  6. Bottom line, and the facts:

    The National Media, especially a lot in New York, feel as if Chad Pennington is a GOOD NFL Quarterback when he is just purely mediocre. He is mediocre when he is perceived good, that is how he is over-rated.

    You feeling that he is medicore is not a fact,it's not a bottom line,it's your opinion.Mediocre is 8-8.

  7. Congrats. Chad Pennington won a home playoff game against Peyton Manning, who we know is not followed by tremendous postseason success and also won against an inexpereinced, young San Diego team in 2004.

    2 playoff wins do NOT put you up in the upper echelon of NFL Quarterbacks. Get real.

    Wow 2 Wild Card wins oh baby!

    Either way you write it though that's two playoff wins and it was against two good teams.

    IF you can make excuses for Chads wins,then why can't we make excuses for his losses?Are we allowed to point out that he lost to a dynsaty last season?That he lost to one of the greatest offenses of all time in 03?That he lost to the best defense in the league in 05?

    No of course not,the bottom line is that he's won two playoff games and lost 3.

  8. Chad has won 2 playoff games..............2!

    What is the criteria to name starting QB's how have won more games than Chad in the playoffs? Do we start in 2002 or 2003?

    Let me know.

    It's about 11 starting QBs have two or more wins in the playoffs.12 if we count Jay Plummer and that was for there whole career.About 8 players if we go from 2002.

  9. ecurb is happy with Chad as his guy. If you want to make the playoffs (and play on the road) Chad is your man.

    If the Jets want to overtake the Pats in the AFCE they need a QB who can get it done. Chad isn't that guy.

    Like i said earlier,you can make a case that he isn't great or isn't good enough to get us to a superbowl but that wasn't the question.He makes the jets better,he has won two playoff games which is more than the majority of NFL QBs,and that alone makes him good.

  10. Chad Pennington sucks in the playoffs. Apart from the Colts game years ago he has done nothing when it counts.

    Chad Pennignton: 2 playoff wins.

    Peyton Manning: 7 playoff wins and a Super Bowl.

    Tom Brady: 12 playoff wins and 3 Super Bowls.

    No one,and I mean no one is saying that Chad Pennington is on the level of Payton or Tom.Can you please point me in the direction of the media personalities who are saying that Chad is as good as Manning and Brady?

    Manning and Brady are great Qbs.

    Chad is not great,but he's good.

  11. The same Chad who makes the playoffs and falls to pieces?

    He played very well against the colts and chargers,and I'd only describe a QB as falling to picies if he throws 3 or ints when the pressure is on,which chad hasn't done in the playoffs.You can make a case that he's not a great Qb or he might never be good enough to take us to the superbowl,but you can't deny how much better he makes the jets and that alone makes him a good QB.

  12. What's the SECC?

    I'm disappointed I never got to see the Offspring live

    The scottish exhibition and conference centre .Probably Scotland's biggest arena,you'd have to play in a stadium if you wanted to play in a bigger venue in Scotland.

    Are the offspring still on the go?I'm sure you could still catch them.

  13. Maybe, maybe not. Peyton Manning won a championship last year and thats all well and good but he struggled a lot and the running back combination of Rhodes & Addai and a Bob Sanders led defense, along with Vinatieri, carried them throughout most of the playoffs.

    Give Brady, Marvin Harrsion, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley, Dallas Clark, Ben Utect and Joseph Addai or Harrison, Wayne, Stokley, Pollard / Clark / Utecht & James and I think the Indianapolis Colts easily have more than 1 championship.

    How does Peyton do in New England? Who knows? This is always going to be an interesting argument, one that nobody will ever know the true answer too.

    A. How would've Peyton done with less talent


    B. How would've Brady done in Peyton's shoes with more talent but against a Bill Belichick defense

    The same Vinateri that won two superbowls for Tom Brady?

    The pats have probably had the best defense this decade,and having a defense that can hold the other team to 13 points and set up great field positions with turnovers is probably more helpful to a QB than a great WR core.

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