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  1. I think there are 3 positions you can build a team around.QB,LT and DT.We did a big fantasy draft on the ganggreen.com this offseason.And i selected Richard Seymour with my first pick,having a DT who can stop the run and collapse the pocket is a great building block for my defense.I managed to get LT Jammal Brown to protect my QB and make space for my RB for the next decade.Picked up Big Ben a few rounds later.Not a QB to take over the game but he takes care of the football and helps his team win games.

    My team in full.

    QB-Ben Roethlisberger(4th rounder)

    RB-Travis Henry(11th rounder)

    WR-Andre Johnson(3rd rounder)

    WR-Mark Clayton(12th round)

    TE-Anthony Becht(24th rounder)

    LT-Jonathan Ogden(13th rounder)

    LG-Logan Mankins(9th rounder)

    C-Brad Meester(10th rounder)

    RG-Larry Allen(22nd rounder)

    RT-Jammal Brown(2nd rounder)

    TE-Desmond Clark(19th rounder)

    RE-Jared Allen(7th rounder)

    DT-Richard Seymour(1st rounder)

    NT-Jason Ferguson(15th rounder)

    LE-Chike Okeafor(14th rounder)

    WLB-Julian Peterson(6th rounder)

    MLB-Chris Draft(20th rounder)

    SLB-Rosevelt Colvin(16th rounder)

    CB-Nnamdi Asomugha(5th rounder)

    CB-Leigh Bodden(17th rounder)

    SS-Sean Jones(8th rounder)

    FS-Kevin Kaesviharn(18th rounder)

    K-Robbie Gould(21st rounder)

    P-Mike Scifres(23rd rounder)

  2. that isn't outlandish.

    It's not on par with predicting Chad will break the sound barrier and impale Tim Dwight with a 1000 mph pass.But most people would expect Thomas to put up more sacks than Thomas.

    But if it's outlandish you want,it's outlandish you'll get.

    Jetnation.com will go one full month without a "Tom Brady is gay" joke.

  3. No real good right tackles in this division,Carey has good size and he's ment to be alright but improving.He is playing LT next year though.No good fullbacks either so I'll go 3 wide receivers.

    QB - Tom Brady

    RB - Thomas Jones

    WR - Lee Evans

    WR - Laveranues Coles

    WR-Randy Moss

    TE - Ben Watson

    LT - Jason Peters

    LG - Logan Mankins

    C - Nick Mangold

    RG - Steve Neal

    RT - Vernon Carey

    RE-Jason Taylor

    DT-Richard Seymour

    NT-Keith Traylor

    LE-Aaron Schobel

    ROLB-Adalius Thomas

    MLB-Zach Thomas

    LOLB-Rosevelt Colvin

    CB-Asaunte Samuel

    SS-Donte Whitner

    FS-Kerry Rhodes

    CB-Andre Dyson

    PR - Roscoe Parrish

    KR - Justin Miller

    K - Rian Lindell

    P - Brian Moorman

  4. Ding ding ding.

    It's not as if Coles has played on superior passing offense either.

    He's played on the 14th,19th,29th,27th and 19th ranked passing offense.

    Chambers played on the 27th,26th,20th,17th and 12th ranked passing offense.

    Coles has played on a worse passing offense and hasn't played on a passing offense ranked as high as 12th.Yet Coles has been much more productive than Chambers.

  5. I would like proof he is old and slow.

    Published reports say he ran a 4.29.

    Old people complaining about Randy is his old Coach and OC whom were in over their heads to begin with.

    Actually it was Randy Moss's agent who said he ran a 4.29.And we all know that that an agent will never lie or over exaggerate something to benefit his client.

  6. We didn't have to trade up for Blalock. That's the frustrating thing. We could have just sat and did nothing this off-season and he would be ours.

    You say Thomas Jones has very little wear and tear on him. I find that hard to believe since he is 29 years old (old for a NFL RB) and has 1,350 carries under his belt. Since when is 7 years in the league and 1,350 carries very little wear and tear? You need to stop skipping your kindergarten classes and start learning arithmetic buddy.

    Yes, we needed a running back but we could have easily signed a free agent like Jamal Lewis or Travis Henry. Even Chris Brown would have made sense since really we didn't need a superstar RB just a someone decent to share the load with Leon Washington.

    If you say a starting running back averages about 300 carries a year then Jones has had the wear and tear of a 4th year starting running back.29 would be old for a starting nfl running back if he'd had 7 or 8 years worth of carries but Jones has the same number of carries as Ruddi Johnson who's only entering his 5 year(4th year of starting).

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