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  1. old but show where they did line up - although this is 4-3 alignment BT would drop back at snap to become OLB (hybrid 3-4 4-3)


    oh and that would make Hobby an inside backer and this is why he had so many sacks last year because he was usually blitzing the weak side and had BT to seal end

    I saw your post the other day about where Hobson lines up and you're getting confused from what nfl.com says and how our d actually lines up.Our front 7 is this:

    Hobson Barton Vilma Thomas

    Kimo D-Rob Ellis

    Thomas rushed the passer on the majority of plays so he might stand on the line of scrimmage,effectivly making him a d-linemen who's standing up,in which case the formation was like this:

    Hobson Barton Vilma

    Kimo D-Rob Ellis Thomas

    But Thomas's position in our defenseis outside line backer as is Hobson.

  2. Patriots | Brady restructures

    Tue, 1 May 2007 12:08:49 -0700

    ESPNews reports New England Patriots QB Tom Brady restructured his contract to help facilitate the addition of WR Randy Moss.

    doing what Chad did when it came to signing Coles a couple of years ago

    I think Chad offered to give back 2 million,not just restructure but give up money.The deal was just restructured but you almost never here of a player giving back money voluntarily.

  3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by cutback routes but his route running skills are border line pathetic. He does excell in the deep passing game but unfortunately we as a team don't.

    My theory is J-Mac is fast in terms of top end speed but he really lacks quickness and his route running is terrible. Lets not forget how many passes he dropped when he was starting.

    I wrote an article praising J-Mac as a great team player and a guy I was rooting for to stay with the team but all his critics have plenty of good reasons to say he stinks.

    I think last year was a step in the right direction but giving up a 2nd round pick for a guy you should have at least a #2 receiver and he wouldn't be a #2 receiver on any teams that come to mind.

    The cutback routes were down to timing rather than precise cuts,Chad had a pretty good feel of where he would cut back and put the ball up high where only McCariens could get it.Think back his clutch grab against Cleveland in 04,and back to the Steelers playoff game where most of his yardage were from the cutback routes.

  4. After reading the press coverage after the game Mangini stressed to the D not to fall for the play-action fake. I guess Kassell missed that memo!

    Aye it was a horrible play by Kassel,but I do feel he gets a lot of stick which isn't all justified.I mean New England did march 80 yards in that drive,it seems unfair for only Kassel to get the blame for that TD.

    EDIT-I swear to god I'm not related to Kassel in anyway.

  5. Kassell may very well not be as bad as most people say. It would hard to be that bad. He is not a playmaker and made several major blunders throughout the season. Bad combo. He showed absolutely no sign of deserving a start, but I guess we did need some rotation. All in all, a guy I'd be happy to replace on the roster, but maybe not a complete horror.

    To be fair though,it's not as if Vilma and Barton were playmakers last year either.

  6. My lasting memory of Kassell was his decision to bite on the play-action pass with 2 seconds left in the 1st half of the playoff game.

    There was no way in the world that the Pats were going to run on that play as they had no timeouts left.

    I didn't see his body of work for the season so my opinion is obviously one-sided.

    Indeed it was a bad play but I wasn't thrilled that he was in there in the first place,we all knew his strength was run stopping and not coverage.We should of had a different package in there imo.

  7. No doubt about that. It was actually the 2nd time we attempted to run this play, the first was successful.

    Stupid decision to run that play, whoevers decision that was I'm not sure, but I do believe Chad gets the final say at the LOS.

    I'm all tapped out right now. I need to go recharge my chad hating energy.

    I wouldn't say it was stupid to call that lay again but I would say we pushed our luck too far,it's a clever little play when you think about it.

  8. I only watched 5 Jets games last year. The 3 against the Pats plus the Colts and 2nd Dolphins game.

    Has Kassell been cut yet? He stinks!

    Kassell did a solid job against the pats in the first game,he didn't make any big plays but he could at least take on a guard unlike Vilma and Barton,he did a good job of stuffing a hole on a few run plays in that game.

    He's a guy who I plan to keep an eye as I suspect he wasn't as bad as most people say,you know how jet fans tend to over react to players who we sign in free agency.

  9. Inventive playcalling or inventive formations and shifts and offensive system? :)

    From what I understand, Schott gives Pennington a few plays to choose from and Pennington chooses one and can audible at the line. Not sure if they allow Pennington to choose the plays before he goes to the line or they allow him to choose the different audibles at the line on the call that was dictated by Schott.........either way Pennington has alot of freedom at the line of scrimmage to call his own plays.

    The different formations, shifts and the past paced tempo of our no huddle offense masked the deficiences of our offensive personnel. Chad included.

    Chad seemed to do a solid job calling the plays, but executing it was another issue. 17 TDs to 20 turnovers (16 INTs) doesnt exactly put a feather in Chads cap. jmo.

    Chad would be a great backup QB if his ego could take it.

    If he does call his own plays then you have to expect that there are going to be some bad calls,calling Chad out for the bad play alls where our play calling has been very good is like calling out A QB for throwing an incomplete pass or a batter not hitting a pitch,no-one goes 100%.

    Either way it should be a none issue in terms of who is to blame,we can think and reckon all we want but none of us actually know who calls the plays.Like I said before though,this is a risky play to run and Colvin knew to get his hands up,I do believe we ran this play one too many times.

  10. I understand how the play is meant to work as the Pats have been running the same play since 2001.

    Chad didn't make the correct read at the line of scrimmage and decided to run the called play. He should have called an audible or thrown the ball into the stands.

    Nothing ticks me off more than QB's making boneheaded plays on 1st down.

    Again I don't think the line of scrimmage deserved an audible,the only reason the play was battered down was because Colvin actually jumped andgot his hands in the air not because he was line up on the outside.Even if he was lined up on D'Brick,the play could of still been broken up if Colvin jumped and got his hands.

    And come on,no team moves guys about and fakes what they are doing on a play than the pats.If you're going to change your play because a guy is showing rush then you would be audibling every playat the line of scrimmage against the pats.

  11. I just watched the play again and as soon as the ball was snapped DBrick went backwards and toward the Guard in full "pass blocking mode" even though no one was rushing him.

    He must have been thinking that Colvin was going to mount a rush. Instead Colvin ran straight up the field and batted down the pass.

    Rookie mistake by DBrick but the fault still falls on Chad for throwing the ball directly at Colvin.

    Make no mistake about it,Colvin was trying to go around D'Bricks shoulder expecting a 5 step drop,which to be fair is what D'Brick was defending for and was probably meant to do as I'd imagine you'd want the DE in the backfield so he can't persue the WR.

    Again you fail to be grasping how this play meant to work,it's not a read and react play,it'snot even a read play,it's a do play.Asking Chad to read the coverage is like asking him to read the coverage on a toss play.

    Also to those people who said this play was to parallel along the line of scrimmage, Cotchery(who wasn't on the line of scrimmage to begin with) took a steep back and then ran towards the sideline,it was probably designed to be a backwards pass.

  12. Not to completely harp on this play but I was actually sick to my stomach when I saw the Jets line up for this play after Leons 19 yard run. I had a really really bad feeling that it was not going to be a good play as the Jets had run the exact play earlier in the game, and sure enough - they ran the exact same play they ran earlier in the game.

    Very good play by Colvin. But Chad should have avoided the whole thing if he did his job.

    Thats all I'm sayin here. Also, I believe Chad calls the plays at the line so it was likely his decision to run that play - big mistake.

    So it was also likely his decision to call the play the 19 yard run play?

  13. Very true.

    If Chad had actually looked (he was under minimal pressure) he would have thrown the ball into the stands and not directly into Colvins hands.

    If Chad actually looked and Colvin wasn't there then Cotchery would of been covered by the time the ball arrives.It's a quick pass that doesn't give consideration to what the defense is doing,hence the risk.

  14. There was no missed block by DBrick.

    Colvin lined up way outside and Chad should have seen this while calling out his signals. There was no "trickery" by Colvin.

    The ball would of went over Colvin regardless of where he lined,the reason this play failed was because Colvin managed to jump and get his hands up not where he lined up.If Colvin continued to rush the passer then this play works but Colvin made a heads up play and burned the Jets big time.

  15. If Chad had lofted the ball then it would have been fine but he fired it directly at Colvin.

    It was a bad throw.

    Your asking for that ball to be picked off if you put enough arc on that pass to get it over Colvin,Remember Cotchery is in the slot,you put too much arc on that ball and the corner on the outside could react to it.It's a risky play and sadly we got burned on it.

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