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  1. 1st Quarter: Jets down 7-0

    Ball at 10 yard line, in the redzone after Drob forces a fumble that Poteat recovers.

    Pennington fails to lead the offense to a touchdown and has to settle for a field goal.

    Jets down 7-3

    If memory serves me correct,no-one got open on 3rd down.The pats defended us really well on that drive,stoping our two runs for a gain of 5 yards and then covering our receivers.I fail to see how it was Pennington specifically who failed to lead us to a touchdown,Not much you can do in that situation except trying something different next time.

    Early 3rd Quarter: Jets down 17-10

    Ball at 12 yard line in the redzone. Leon rushes for 5 yards on 1st down. 2nd and 5 Pennington throws an incomplete pass. 3rd and 5 Pennington throws a pass that is tipped by Seymour at the line, then tipped by Vrabel in the LB corps, Baker ends up catching the pass but it did not get the 1st down yardage or a touchdown.

    Jets have to once again settle for a field goal when they needed a touchdown.

    Jets down 17-13

    Again not much you can do,even the best QBs get their passes knocked down.

    Late 3rd Quarter: Jets down 20-13

    Ball at 50 yard line after Leon Washington had a 19 yard run off right tackle. Pennington fails to find a clear window to the throw his attempted backwards pass. Ball is tipped by Rosevelt Colvin who was being blocked by Dbrick. Pennington fails to realize, for all his smarts, that the ball is still live and is a fumble. Wilfork picks up the ball and runs to the 15 yard line. Jets defense does the job and limits the Pats to a field goal. This was a crucial drive in the game as the Jets were gaining momentum only to have Chad throw it all away on ironically, a backwards pass.

    Jets down 23-13

    People need to realise that this is essentially a run play and not a pass play.This play doesn't work if Chad stops and checks that no-one is in the throwing lane,if he doesn't throw the ball straight away then the receiver will be covered by the time he throws it and that means either an interception if he threw it or a sack seeing how there was no drop back.This is just one of those situations where you didn't really do anything wrong it's just that the other team made a great play,Colvin had probably seen that play on film and knew to get his hands up.You could perhaps say we called this play one too many times but I think you've just got to raise your hands and say that was a good play by the pats.Sadly this was the momentum changer.

    You also can't blame Chad for not picking up the fumble,not only was he too far away but Wilfork was the only person on both teams to realise it was a fumble.The only Jet you could really blame is D'Brick but you can't really blame a rookie for that.

    4th Quarter, 5 minutes left: Jets down 30-13

    Down by 2 scores, the feeling is grim amongst Jets fans as they have never once had their QB lead them to victory when down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter his entire career. Pennington attempts to throw a 15 yard out - Samuel waits on the pass intended for Justin McCareins, jumps the route picks it off and runs it back for a touchdown. Game over. Jets lose 37-16

    Come on,you're not honestly saying our quarterback should of brought us back from this.The game was over by this point and Chad knew it,he had to try and make something happened but he got picked off.It's happened to better QB before.

  2. I thought Poteat had the worst performance of any cornerback I have ever seen.

    I'm not kidding either. He was absolutely awful. I cant believe I got neg rep from ecurb a few months ago for saying that poteat is a garbage corner.....

    The pats picked on him in the wild card game but he was solid for us up until that point.Brady kept hitting receivers when they were making their cuts,both Dyson and Poteat could of played more aggressively that day.

    Off the top of my head,Vilma's missed sack hurt.It was a sea saw battle for momentum and I think they went on to score on that drive.

  3. I just realized something: John Locke was a 17th century philosopher. His philosophies greatly influenced an 18th century philosopher named Rousseau.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    From the wikipedia entry on lost.


    By admission of the show's writing staff, some characters on Lost reference famous philosophers through their names and connection to each other.[6] The two clearest examples, John Locke and Danielle Rousseau, are both named after social contract philosophers who dealt with the relationship between nature and civilization.

    The character Locke shares his name with English philosopher John Locke, who believed that in a natural state, all men had equal rights to punish transgressors; to ensure fair judgment for all, governments were formed to better administer the laws. He contended that humans are born with a "blank slate", a tabula rasa, without any innate knowledge or experience, and their identity is therefore a product of their decisions and choices in life. Locke believed that the state should be guided by a natural law.

    Danielle Rousseau shares her surname with Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who argued that man is born ignorant and amoral but with the inherent capacity to be virtuous. He maintained that the individual is corrupted by his interactions with a larger society. His concept of the noble savage hypothesised that a child raised in the wilderness, independent of human society and culture, would behave according to a fully internalized code of universal ethics. Rousseau stated that "man is born free, but everywhere, he is in chains," and coined the phrase "all men are created equal."

    Introduced in the second season is the character Desmond David Hume, named after David Hume, the Scottish philosopher who was influenced by John Locke. Hume was known for his skepticism, as well as his criticism of induction. Hume pointed out that there is no logical necessity to believe that something should happen in the future based on one's experiences in the past. He argued that a miracle, by virtue of its definition, could not exist. He posited that an occurrence in violation of the laws of nature does not constitute an act of divinity because however unlikely that occurrence is, the simple fact that it has happened necessitates the possibility of it happening; thereby precluding the existence of miracles. He also holds that without perfect knowledge of the laws of nature, what might seem to be miraculous may in fact be perfectly reasonable and explainable.

    Other examples include third season's Juliet Burke's husband, named Edmund Burke for the conservative political thinker and aesthetic philosopher; and "eye-patch man" named for Mikhail Bakunin, one of the fathers of modern anarchism.

    The show also references Eastern philosophies. The DHARMA Initiative uses an acronym which refers to Dharma, the "way of higher truths" in religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. The symbol used by the Initiative is called a bagua, a wheel of balance often used in feng shui.

  4. they both suck. either way, i don't mind if ONE of them starts and the other is a backup, but i don't want them both starting again next year.

    I agree but Moore is more serviceable at the moment,he gets a nice little push in short yardage situations and will occasionally get to the second level.Clement can't handle speed rushers and gets routinely owned by the rip move,and he is in consistent at run blocking.

  5. i am happy with it. people say he sucks at run blocking i dont think he is really that bad. he is a decent RT. the reason why he struggled some last year was because he had to tak care if his man and brandon moores man at the same time because moore doesnt know what the hell he is doing or where the hell he is. Moore sucks.

    It's the other way round,Brandon Moore isn't a great player but he's better than Clement.Clement is horrible but at least he gives us consistency and a plan B if we don't get a starter in the draft.

  6. I'm very surprised by this,the current Captain America series is considered one of the best Marvel is making at the moment.And Marvel has just finished one of it's biggest events two weeks ago with Cap getting arrested(hence him being at the court house),you'd of figured they would of ended the event with him getting murdered as well as getting arrested.

    It shall be interesting to see who takes over as Captain America,it's probably between the Punisher,Bucky(winter Soldier) or Hawkeye.The marvel universe is the most intriguing it's ever been right now.

  7. hey you guys talking about the FB position-don't write Jason Pociask off just yet-the kid we drafted last year-who broke his leg and missed the season.They obviously liked what they saw out of him and I'm SURE he's in their plans this year

    I think he is more likely to challenge for Ryan's job as blocking TE than full time full back.Either way I'd be surprised if we don't have someone in place at full back heading into the draft.

  8. In 3 years if (and he won't be) Thomas is on the decline the Pats could easily cut him with no cap hit. He's signed to a BARGAIN BASEMENT deal.

    We don't use a full back that much though,we run it more out of single back sets than out of two running back formations.You can't justify spending big money on a fullback in the first place,let alone when you don't use a full back that often.

  9. The Jets plan last year was to have all the bases covered when heading into the draft allowing us to take the best players available.Teague was signed before the draft as was Dyson.

    We've addressed the d-line and running back problem so far,I reckon we'll re-sign Clements or sign Colombo.We might sign a corner if they are a significant upgrade over Poteat.

  10. Hamilton is good coming off the bench,but he's a 4 or 5 play player before his performance dips.He's strictly a back up and doesn't have the upside of Coleman.If we draft a 3-4 end then I'm sure Hamilton will get cut.

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