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  1. Robertson played some really good football towards the end of the season.The majority of the big runs conceded were actually a result of Rashad Moore getting knocked back several yards while Robertson was getting spelled.He's a lot more comfortable in his role at nose tackle and I'm really looking forward to what he can do after another training camp.

    Ellis was solid if unspectacular,he stands his ground 4 out of 5 times,doesn't blow up plays in the backfield and could work at shedding his blocks but most linemen had a hard time moving him.

    The thing I shall say about Ellis and Robertson is that they get a good pass rush fr 3-4 linemen.We sent 3 men rushes way too many times this season but we survived thanks to D'rob using his hands and Ellis getting leverage on his man.

    I don't believe our D-line is as bad as some make it out to be.Sure Kimo sucks,he can't stand his man up and takes himself out of the play but I believe Vilma is a big reason why our run defense sucks.3-4 linemen have to take on a blocker,Vilma can't do this and too many times he'll try and run around his blocker which results in him failing to control his gap assignment.He still tries to run to the ball as if he was in the 4-3.

  2. Yes

    He came in for Mangold on the few occasions where he left because of injury and sat on the sideline for a few plays.

    Smith actually did a pretty solid job.

    So he did,he can probably play Guard better than Teague too,cutting Teague doesn't really hurt us then.:thumbup:

  3. Graham has more of a second gear that Baker does not. Neihter is a speed merchant but Graham has shown the ability to get open deep when given the chance in NE. To categorize Graham as a "blocking TE" is just not accurate. I think he is a more dangerous weapon then baker and is one of the best run blocking TEs in the game.

    I disagree.He can't of been that good a deep threat if they drafted Watson to act as a deep threat and create match up problems.Besides it's not as if we a QB who could take advantage of a tight end who can get open downfield anyway.I just don't really consider Graham(or Baker for that matter) a weapon,they are solid tight ends who work the short areas of the field.

  4. So now I am "delusional"...anohter nice substantive comeback.

    So you think Baker (wiht his 4.8 speed) has a better ability to stretch a D then Graham deos with his 4.6 speed? Intersting logic.

    And let me be very clear that I am a 40 year Jets fan so your accusing me of being a Patsie fan doesnt reallyt work as a comeback.

    Fact is Graham is a better blocker then Baker. He was such a good blocker they kept him in to protect Matt Light and that hurt his receiving numbers. He has better speed then Baker does and beter separation ability then baker does. Baker is a fine player and Graham woud compliment him perfectly. But when exactly did Chris Baker become Kellen Winslow? Hes a decent TE at best. You telling me we should bother to look to upgrade the position wioht aguy who is faster and a better blocker?

    And please try and comeback with something resembling at least SOME sort of arguement as opposed to calling me a Pats fan calling me delusional. I mena you were the guy agreeing wiht the genius that had Baker running 4.4s.

    Neither Baker or Graham are going to be stretch the field with 4.6 speed,arguing about straight line speed for a tight end is kind of pointless unless it's under 4.5.Baker does have a better first step and quickness off the snap,which is a lot more useful for getting seperation in the short areas of the field that tight ends are required to work.

    I do reckon there is a solid chance that we'll sign Graham as Mangini does like his blocking tight ends.But I don't believe it will be that big of an upgrade,it won't be like having an extra o-lineman or a 6 ft 7 target in the end zone,he's not as good a receiver as Baker (that is my opinion but if you disagree,you can't say Graham is that much better)and he's no Jason Dunn when it comes to blocking.The reason we'd probably sign him would be because of his familiarity with Mangini.

  5. This just means he'll be with us for training camp,he's still fighting for a roster spot.

    Saying that Poteat did a solid job for us,he never looked like a ball hawk but he brought some consistency to our RCB spot and never really made any mistakes.He did have a bad game though when New England challenged him.

  6. Can Baker block or produce in the red zone?

    6 of Bakers 9 TDs have came from the one yard line.

    Graham has played in an offense that likes to use the tightends for his whole career,Baker only played in that kind of offense in 05 and spent much of the time catching balls from Brooks Bollinger.In all honestly,if you swap Baker and Graham,don't you think that Baker would of had a much more productive career to this point?

    Graham is a better blocker and that's the only reason why we would sign him,Graham would not add anything to our passing attack that Baker doesn't already add.

  7. I didn't follow the debate that closely but after a quick look over the thread I voted for ecub.

    I saw that Barton had thrown a few insults in his post and his main argument seemed to be the Jets record while Chad is our QB,which is a flawed argument and doesn't really support Kellen Clemens case.

  8. These are the stats that count:

    Baker: 83 catches - 902 yards - 9 TD's

    Graham: 120 catches - 1393 yards - 17 TD's

    Don't forget that Baker has played 5 more games than Graham.

    Don't forget that Graham has started 26 more games than Baker.

    Baker was criminally underused for the first two years of his career,only ever seeing the field on running plays and was never the primary receiver.We are using him a lot more of late but still not well enough.

    Lets compare the last two seasons.

    Baker: 24 games/ 49 catches - 569 yards - 5 TDs

    Graham: 23 games/ 37 catches - 470 yards - 5 TDs

    Very similiar, perhaps there is a reasonable argument for Baker being a better player than Graham.

  9. I reckon you put Baker in Graham's shoes and he'd be turning a lot of heads.Graham does play in TE friendly system with a hall of fame QB,where as Baker was solely used as a blocker under Herm and plays with a QB who cant fire a ball between the coverages.

  10. Nick Cage is a big comic nut,he actually took the name Cage from the Character Luke Cage.Thankfully Luke Cage is black so Nick Cage can't horribly ruin that character

    Ghost Rider has never interested me,he's doesn't have cool powers and the whole concept of turning into a flaming head is kind of lame.

    Oh and by the way,the spiderman movies rocked.

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