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  1. I'm really digging TNA at the moment.It feels like they've scaled back on the russo crap and focussed on more classic wrestling stories.Not to mention the in ring action is great.

    I love the world X cup storyline,it's great to see guys from Japan and Mexico on main stream wrestling.I wish they could add the participants to the full time roster.

    Check out the world X cup preview match,it's only 8 minutes ling but it's one of the best tag matches I've seen in a long time.


  2. Brady sure has became ****y of late,you never heard him disrespecting a team earlier on in his career.

    Remember how the pats always felt they were disrespected and would post bulletin board material to fire them up,now they seem to be providing other teams with bulletin board material.

  3. "Sen. Arlen Specter said former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh indicated he saw the Jets taping signals at one point during a Jets-Patriots game, but Walsh did not say anything about it at the time. Specter also thinks the NFL hasn't done enough to investigate the Patriots' taping practices in 2003, 2004 and 2005, even though Walsh told him he observed the Patriots taping signals from the stands after Walsh had left the organization as an employee."


    What say ye' Jets fans? Time to wrap up this little investigation? :lol:

    I'd be half surprised half not if we did.

    Herm doesn't strike me as a guy who is smart or edgy enough to figure opposing signals but he obviously thinks that it's a big deal if he was willing to wave at the camera.Wouldn't mind seeing this fully investigated.

  4. While this was certainly the worst episode of the season so far. It wasn't that bad, the ending was kind of dumb and cheesy but it wasn't that bad.

    It had it's moments


    The twist with the war being fought for generations but only being a week old was neat.but the whole fish dude death scene was cheesy,as was the whole laying down their weapons as the new world was born bit.I like the fact that jenny survived,she should make for more interesting stories in the future.

  5. To groom Capers as the Jets 2010 HC?

    You do understand that Mangina is a dead man walking? These off season moves are going to blow up in his face. Woody is not a RT, Fancea and the Pitt OL have been the Pats whipping boys forever, NE didnt want VGhol despite having a NE player work very closely with him during the off season. Do you really think if VGhol was all that NE would want to play against him twice a year?

    BB will never let Gina get the best of him.

    Nice way to try and change the direction of the thread away from your teams cheating ways.

  6. I hate BB for cheating on his wife. I think he's a great coach. A piece of dirt as a person. If you are prone to cheat on your wife/sig other - get out of your marriage/relationship. Get that straight. I'm just keeping the personal and the football separate.

    There is no Rams walk-thru - all of you hoped it to be so. It isn't. So, you all start crying...per usual.

    One thing I know for sure, success breeds contempt.

    As far as the destroyed tapes go - one of them was leaked to the press. You all saw it. What else do you all want? Tips for Mangini? Honestly, this is a whitch hunt of epic proportions.

    What do we want?I'd like to see pat fans stop trying to justify what the pats did.I'd like to see them acknowledge that what the patriots did was wrong.

  7. Realtalk

    So true, it hurts to see someone owned and smashed down like that so hard.

    That is the famous Patriot fan argument you know though. Jimmy Johnson, there new god, did it so ****, everyone did and you know he's the man and Jimmy's never wrong. Hey, **** you Jimmy and **** you Belichick because they're both lieing, cheating scumbags.

    And thats exactly it RSJ. For every Belichick and Johnson there are Fisher's, Cowher's, Shanahan's, Bill Walsh's, Holmgren's, etc. I'd say maybe a third of the league is doing things like this, and I'd like to believe its less. Is everyone stealing signals someway? Maybe, but not to the degree New England and obviously the Cowboys of the 90's while Johnson was in town were.

    Th funny thing is that one of these coaches who did steal signals also confirmed that you use the information in game.Funny how pat fans use one point to support their argument but will ignore it for an argument against them.

  8. The taping occurred. The taping was used for scouting purposes. The league determined that it violated the rules. The Patriots were punished.

    BB doesn't deny the taping.

    Now let move to the real issues and address them logically.

    Did BB think what he was doing was legal? Probably or at the very most thought that the rule was ambiguous enough that if he was "caught" the league would clarify the rule.

    EM knew the Patriots did this type of taping. BB knew Eric knew. BB knew Eric didn't like him. If BB was worried about being caught (which he would have been worried about if he thought it was against the rules) he would not have continued to do it against the Jets. The fact he taped the Jets, knowing Eric knew of his taping is proof he thought it was legal.

    Did the use the tapes during the games and not just for scouting purposes? BB says he they didn't. So far BB has not said anything factually untruthful. Nobody has actually claimed that the Pats did use them during the game. The only thing is people have speculated that they must have. If the Patriots used the tapes during the games. Plenty of people would know. Not only Matt Walsh, but also Eric Mangini. Given that BB has repeated said that they were not used in the game. If Eric knew that to be false would he not only have motive but a responsibility to tell RG that BB is lying?

    Did the Patriots tape the Rams walk through? There is no evidence this occurred. If this had occurred and was used by the Pats coaching staff to prepare for the Rams game. Once again EM would know. And would be obligated to tell RG.

    And I am not just picking on EM. Jeff Davidson, now oc of the Carolina Panthers would also know. As would Rob Ryan DC of the Raiders. And a host of college head coaches all of whom would have an obligation to come forward if BB was lying.

    BB has enough enemies that if anything he has said is false. It would have publicly contradicted.

    He taped from an illegal location. He was punished. There is nothing more to it.

    How is recording the coaches as they send in the plays scouting?

  9. The Associated Press reports the story, with league spokesman Greg Aiello saying: "This is consistent with what the Patriots had admitted they had been doing, consistent with what we already knew."

    nfl issued an email last night on these new tapes. I beleive that the nfl will do nothing but officially put this thing to bed

    But it tells us things we didn't know,such as the patriots were stealing offensive signals as well.Goodell has butchered the handling of this,we didn't know that the cheating had been going on since 2000 until Specter forced him to spill.

    The reason this thing is such a media circus is because the NFL haven't been forthcoming with what the patriots have admitted to.

  10. Tis not that funny and not a big deal.Some guys get real passionate about the game and that means standing up to your team mates if they think they are not doing the job.Both players got their emotions out and would of been more focused for the next drive.Glenn was smart,let each of them say their piece and seperated the two before things got out of hand.

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