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  1. 2 47 Mike Nugent K Ohio State

    Not a bad kicker but you expect a kicker taken in the second round to be a one of the best in the league,although he hasn't had many opportunities to make those clutch kicks that define kickers.

    Grade C

    2 57 Justin Miller CB Clemson

    A very good kick returner but he fumbles a lot,horrible ball skills means he's a very poor corner but can be ok at stopping the run.Never recorded a pick to my knowledge.

    Grade C

    3 88 Sione Pouha DT Utah

    A forgettable rookie year,injured the year after but looked okay during this past year.Has had his contract extended so he'll see some time at back up.

    Grade B-

    4 123 Kerry Rhodes SS Louisville

    Great pick,one of best players to come out of this draft.

    Grade A++

    5 161 Andre Maddox DB North Carolina State

    Was lost to injury in his rookie year,don't think he made the team in his second.Out of the league


    6 182 Cedric Houston RB Tennessee

    Solid runner who should of saw more time in 2006 instead of Kevan Barlow.Seems to of lost his passion for football and has retired now.

    Grade B

    6 198 Joel Dreessen TE Colorado State

    Didin't see much time but looked promising in preseason and training camps.Cut by Mangini.

    Grade C

    7 240 Harry Williams WR Tuskegee

    Cut after training camp IIRC,looked good though.

    Grade F

    The Doug Jolley Trade


    Grade F

    Overall grade D

  2. I didn't realise Jones ypc was 3.6.That's better than I thought.

    Having a faster or stronger back isn't going to open up holes between the tackles which is why our run game was poor last year.

  3. I haven't seen all the new episodes so it's not a fully informed opinion.

    Top 5

    Dalek-I thought the reintroduction of the Dalek was cool.

    The empty child/the doctor dances-Really creepy villians and a feel good ending

    Rise of the cybermen/the age of steel-Cybermen are really cool

    The impossible planet/The satan pit-I like the devil is among us theme,slighty cheesy ending though.

    Blink-possibly the best villians of the new series,Sally Sparrow was hot.

    Bottom 4

    Love & Monsters-So cheesy,also very disturbing at the end when the guy says he and his girlfriend(wh0 is a face on a slab of concrete) still have a sex life.

    Fear her-Cheesy

    Last of the time lords-I liked the master but it was so cheesy,plus I can't stand Martha and she played a big part in this episode.

    Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks - So lame,from pig people to dalek/human people.Hopefully they give the daleks a rest this season.

  4. You are mis-informed my man, i was not knocking it at all i was simply stating that i wanted to talk to some more 'home grown' Jets fans. I post regularly on the NFLUK forum too but im afraid people in the UK are not as clued up and at the heart on info etc. compared to the Jets fans on US soil.... so chill out :baby:

    No worries,was just messing with you.At the end of the day a forum dedicated to the jets is better than a thread dedicated to the jets.

  5. what about d brick hes awesome at tackle

    He gave up something like 13 sacks last year and he's probably average at run blocking,another average year and the nickname D'Bust might stick.

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