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  1. Yeah, I would post there more but posting about last season can cause serious emotional distress.

    I don't post on NFLUK nearly as much as I used to.

    That's why we post about the future and winding up the pat fans.

  2. Fair enough, I'll just head to JI.

    This place sucks anyways, cept for Kobe. Dat dawg be's gangsta to da core.:lol:

    No,head back to nfluk.I've been busy this football season so the jets thread has slipped behind the pats thread for number of posts.Time to post whore that thread all the way to the top again.

  3. And why are Jets fan going around giggling like little girls over a team that is merely 32-6 over the last two seasons with last minute losses in the AFC Championship and Superbowl?

    You are acting like Yankee fans before the Sox won a title in 2004. As I said, you have not gone 18-1 ever and not been to Superbowl in 40 years and counting.

    Probably because you are under the delusion that this means something.At the end of the day the patriots along with the jets have no rings to show for the last two years.18-1?32-6? They are just numbers,meaningless numbers.

    It's pretty sad that pat fans have lost sight of the reason that teams play this game.

  4. That is the irony Big Boy, the jets are bashing the Patriots for going 18-1 and losing the Superbowl.

    I am pretty sure the Jets have never accomplished that feat at any time in their history. Much less their 32-6 mark over the last two years when they have come up short in the playoffs.

    It sucked to lose the Superbowl, but they still got there. 5th Superbowl in 12 years, 6th in the last 20+. Yeah it sucks to be a Patriots fan.

    When do the patriots receive their rings for their accomplishments of the last two years?

  5. you can't have top guys at every position, man i wish we still had kendall. one less hole. literally.

    The guy will be 35 before the start of next season.Even if we didn't trade him we would still be looking for a new LG this offseason.

    And what good would another undersized offensive linemen be?We didn't run many plays with our LG pulling,sure he would of been better than Clarke but I doubt he'd lead to anymore wins.

  6. ...not "for sure" - that's for sure. Wes Welkers 2007 campaign was a little better than Troy's 2001 campaign.....thing is, Troy and David Patten were #1 and #1a receivers that year. Troy 5'10" with no tall lanky superstar named Moss on the roster....

    2001 Troy Brown 101 receptions for 1,199 yards, avg 11.9 per catch

    2007 Wes Welker 112 receptions for 1175 yards, avg 10.5 per catch

    plus, Wes has not made a game changing play to secure a championship run (Troy has several). Wes hasn't played nickel and hasn't ever played QB. Guess who has?

    Pus the main difference is that Brown got most of his yards (I believe,correct me if i'm wrong) from the wideout position.Which is much tricker than getting yards in a pass happy offense from the slot.

  7. Download these songs from Oasis: dont go away, supersonic, stand by me, some might say, little by little, lyla, morning glory, stop crying your heart out.

    Have you heard the song "whatever"?It's my favourite Oasis song but it's not on any of the albums or even iTunes.


  8. The two probelms I could see being a problem with having a poor guard are lack of communication presnap and has been previously mentioned stunts.

    I'd imagine that Kendall would be the one telling D'brick who to block and how to block them before a snap.With Kendall gone,it's D'birck who tells Clarke who to block or Clarke telling D'brick who to block.Either way we have a much less experienced guy to take charge of the left side.This probably lead to guys going unblocked or wasted blocks(blocking guys who weren't going to stop the play).

    With stunts you should really shout when you the stunt to let your fellow linemen know that it is coming.However for most of the time it was Clarke who never saw the stunt comming not D'brick.

    In the end most of D'Bricks errors were simply a case o;f getting beat one on one and not having to cover for Clarke.

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