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  1. The Giants had to pay more than we would have. They got him after his contract was expired. We could have extended him while he was still under his rookie deal. He wanted $10M in bonus money & we balked at it. We were too concerned with giving $23M in bonus money to Chad "I took a phantom pay cut" Pennington and $15M in bonus money to Shaun "I got paid, now I don't do squat" Ellis, not to mention $15M in bonus money to Dewayne "I suck for months at a time" Robertson. Yes. We gave $53M in bonus money to those 3 clowns. That number doesn't include their considerable salaries.

    McKenzie only got $12M or $15M or whatever it was up front because it was a year later & now there was a bidding war for his services.

    No doubt we would of got him for cheaper but we also would of had to sign him sooner,unlesss you sign a guy to a contract about a year before his current contract runs out,chances are they will try free agency.McKenzie isn't exactly a great player,he's a good player but he underperformed his first few years with the giants,you know jet fans would be quick to add the guy to the list of guys who the jets overpaid if he did that here.

  2. Lets not forget that McKenzie signed a silly contract with the giants.Everyone bitches how Thomas Jones,Dewayne Robertson and Chad Pennington don't play up to their contract yet tehy want to overspend for a player who is good but not great.

  3. The pats o-line was the mvp last night with an honourable mention to the play calling.

    Maroney was given massive holes to run through and the jags line was pushed back a fair number of times.Brady obviously had a lot of time to throw too.

  4. QB - Vinny Testaverde

    RB - LaMont Jordan

    FB - B.J. Askew

    WR1 - Santana Moss

    WR2 -

    TE - Kyle Brady / Anthony Becht (you're own choice here really)

    LT - Jason Fabini

    LG - Pete Kendall

    C - Kevin Mawae

    RG - Randy Thomas

    RT - Kareem McKenzie

    DE - John Abraham

    DT - Jason Ferguson

    DT -

    DE -

    OLB -

    MLB - James Farrior

    OLB -

    CB - Ty Law

    S - Atari Bigby

    S - Jon McGraw

    CB - Aaron Glenn

    This is really what I have so far. Anyone else care to add?

    The above is a 43 D, we could also do a 34 by moving Ferguson to NT, Farrior to ILB and Abraham to OLB.

    James Tank Reed started 15 games last year.Kimo for other DE?

  5. Great idea; keep adding to the list:

    Coach: Bellychicken; hey he was coach for a day!

    OC: Hacket; the west coast bandit.

    DC: Henderson; I always liked Donnie.

    QB: Vinny; last chance anyone?

    FB: Askew; the sudden blocking ninja.

    TB: Jordan; could happen.

    WR: Moss; the one they call Santana.

    TE: Becht; you know you miss him.

    OT: Fabini; yeah, right.

    OG: Kendall; for Pete's sake!

    C: Mawae; still pullin' like a Mack Truck!

    OG: Moore; not bad for the other NY.

    DT: Furgeson; nasty when healthy.

    DE: Abe; for a game or two.

    LB: Farrior; no good for Jets, pro-bowler in Pitt?

    CB: Law; and the law won.

    CB: Glenn; WHOOP!

    FS: McGraw; from the cartoon, BOOM-SHALOCK-LOCK-BOOM!

    That's all I got; who am I missing?

    Atari Bigby is now a starting safety for green bay,I think.

  6. Big, giant babies, the whole lot of you. :baby:

    Lets say for a moment that BB was the only one that used video-taping after the warning.....and say at the very first game, against the vaunted Jets, the video tape was confiscated 7 minutes into the first quarter - how on Gawd's green Earth did it help win that game, let alone the next fifteen?

    Doesn't change the fact that Bill attempted to cheat this season.Just cause you failed to cheat shouldn't be any kind of let off.

  7. I'm sorry, but I just don't see anything special from David Harris. Yes he's better than Jonathan Vilma, but why are some Jets fans annointing him the next best thing? He had the one nice strip sack play and other than that has done barely anything.

    It may look like he's dothing nothing but he's doing everything needed of a 3-4 ILB.He's responsible for both the A and B gap and the gaurd in between them.He has the size to take on shed that guard and make the tackle or just stick his nose in there and create a pile.

    And of course he hits like a truck.

  8. 124 report card-

    Special Teams-B

    Nugent missed one before the half but the new holder was totally to blame for it.And even if Nugent did kick it,we still would of lost as Chad was going to throw 4 ints returned for TDs.Nugent,don't listen to them,I still love you.

  9. Winehouse is arrested by police

    _44231246_winehouse_203bpa.jpg Winehouse recently scrapped her tour in order to rest

    Singer Amy Winehouse has been released on bail after police arrested her in connection with an investigation into perverting the course of justice. Her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, has been remanded in custody charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    Mr Fielder-Civil, from Camden, north London, is due to appear in court next month to face the charge.

    He has also been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm.

    Earlier, a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "A 24-year-old woman has been arrested by appointment at an east London police station."

    A statement was released on Amy Winehouse's behalf.

    It said: "Amy Winehouse attended a London police station today on a voluntary basis at a pre-agreed time.

    "She was arrested, as is common practice, she is being interviewed by police.

    "No charges have been brought."

    Cancelled tour

    It is alleged that Mr Fielder-Civil, along with 39- year-old Michael Brown from Holloway, north London, attacked pub landlord James King at the Macbeths public house in Hoxton, east London, in June last year.

    Police also suspect they then conspired to pervert the course of justice by offering Mr King a significant amount of money to withdraw his allegation and leave the country.

    Two other men facing the same charge are Anthony Kelly, 25, from Chalk Farm, north-west London, and James King, 36, from Risley, Derbyshire.

    All four have been remanded in custody until next month and are expected to go on trial in June.

    Ms Winehouse has been in the headlines all year after reports of drug use, rehabilitation treatment and cancelled performances - as well as awards success and a best-selling album.

    She cancelled her remaining UK tour dates following her husband's arrest.

  10. The only he could've got flagged their is if seymor hit clemens helmet. Those other hits you are talking about,maybe the defender made contact with the Qb's Helmet.

    It is a foul to to fall on the QB with your full weight or something to that extent.Vilma got called for it against the jags last year.

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