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  1. When he CONSISTENTLY proves incapable of picking up his defense, then its on him. You can blame the defense all you want for each individual game. But the TREND is that Pennington cannot lead his team when the chips are down (i.e. when the defense has a bad day and/or the team needs to come back to win).

    That's why Pennington cannot be mentioned in the same sentence as "Great QB".

    I agree,Chad is not a great QB.But he is a good QB.Clemens is better suited for leading us back from a big deficient so maybe we'll be 10-18 when we give up 20 points.But for me the priority would be fixing the defense and then I'll look at the QB position.

  2. One of the other stats I have found disturbing is his record when the D gives up over 20 points.


    That is a QB is needed most and he fails to deliver.

    That's my problem with this debate,people will point the finger at Chad for not outscoring the opponent that scores more than 20,while no one places a lick of blame on the defense for giving up over 20 points in the first place.You judge a team by it's record,not one individual player by his performance.

  3. thanks for the review ten. couple of questions - how did vilma do against the run? what about harris and revis?

    Vilma had an up and down game.Still gets blown off the ball on most occasions but he made a nice stop in the first half when he came through un-blocked to stop the runner for a short gain.

    He also made a nice play when he took a double team away Robertson.Vilma blitzed the A-gap which forced Stephen Neal to block him instead of Robertson.This left Robertson one on one with Koppen.Robertson beat the block and tackled the runner for a short gain.Vilma did get blown 5 yards away from the ball by NEal but that play would of went for 5 if VIlma didn't get his nose in there.

    He did get beat by Watson for that TD though.He still can't handle the big blockers but he's had worse games in the 3-4.

    Harris didn't see much playing time,he didn't get a chance to make an impact.

    It's hard to gauge the DBs and WRs because the camera angles don't focus on them.But he was always close to the WR when they threw to him,which suggests he had decent coverage.Looked really good at tackling.Overall a good d

  4. Quick thoughts on the pats for our patriot posters.

    Jarvis Green was your best defensive player today.Got a sack against Mangold anmd was cosntatnly getting off blocks and stopping plays around the line of scrimmage.Has a really good first step.He could be a good 4-3 RE for many teams.

    Randy Moss was your best offensive player.He showed the physical prowess that made him great in Minnesota.

    Kyle Brady looks like a good pick up.Makes lots of nice kick out blocks on both Victor Hobson and Bryan Thomas.

    Not too impressed by Marroney.He just runs into the pile if the line doesn't open up a big hole for him.Sammy Morris on the other hand has a knack for finding the cut back lane,Morris will be a good replacement for Dillon but Maroney needs to improve his vision.

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