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  1. Finished watching the pats game in detail and here were my observations.

    1st quarter thoughts.

    Adrien Clarke has looked pretty good when run blocking.He can get to the second level and block someone,similar to Brandon Moore except he can maintain that hold.The pats targeted him on pass blocking,running stunts at his side and he often fell for them.He'd follow his man inside while the inside man would then run into the space that Clarke was meant to be protecting.This happened on almost on every play where Chad was pressured.I think this is something that comes with playing time and would probably help if we had a good veteran to okay alongside him.

    Mangold looks stronger,we've been leaving him one on one with Wilfork and he's holding his own.Wilfork did manage to shed his block and make a tackle for a one yard gain on one play,but that was after Mangold gave him a good wee shove.

    Anthony Clement gave up the first sack of the season.getting beat by Mike Vrabel.

    Kenyon Coleman looks pretty solid.Doens't get blown down the field and can shed blocks easily.Ellis hasn't been playing as well as he did in the NE game last year,not getting off his blocks and missing tackles.

    Dewayne Robertson doesn't have the strength and size to draw double teams,he can make a few plays when he's match up one on one.He stopped two plays for little or no gains,one of which he destroyed Dan Koppen and the Logan Mankins to blow up a play in the backfield.But he just doesn't have the strength to be a full time 3-4 NT.Could be a really good 3-4 end though.

    The pats are keeping in lots of guys to blocks,we're also sending a lot of 3 man rushes.

    On the failed 3rd down play on the 1st drive,it looks like the pat defender went in at Pennington's knees,it wasn't deliberate but we probably should of had a penalty there.

    2nd Quarter thoughts

    Mangold ruined a great quarter by giving up a sack to Jarvis Green in the last minute of the half,just got caught flat footed.Again we left him one on one with Wilfork and he did the job.Pushed him about 5 yards down field on one play.

    1-10-NE 25 (7:15) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 10-C.Pennington sacked at NE 32 for -7 yards (50-M.Vrabel, 97-J.Green)

    The pats sent 5 guys when we only had 5 guys in to block.They sent 3 men to attack the rightside which left Vrabel unblocked.Clarke again fell for the stunt and allowed pressure up the middle.

    1-10-NE 11(5:44) 20-T.Jones right end to NE 15 for -4 yards (26-E.Wilson).

    Anthony Clement whiffed on Ty Warren even though he lined up right in fornt of him.Warren got in the backfield forcing Jones to bounce outside where the pats were waiting.Clement sucks.

    Adrien Clarke didn't look as good run blocking in this quarter,he whiffed on a block against Bruschi.He did get outside and managed to do enough to spring Leon Washington on his 16 yard screen play.

    While Sione Pouha did get pushed around,he did manage to draw the double teams.

    TE Kyle Brady has given the OLBs a few problems,particularly Victor Hobson.It's often been his block that has sprung the runner.

    Apart from back to back penalties on D'Brick.He's had a solid quarter.Can't have back to back penalties though.

    Kenyon Coleman still shredding blocks and making tackles.

    3rd quarter thoughts.

    I can't think of a worse way to start a second half,giving up a record breaking kick off return(destroying you rep as one of the best STs at the same time) and then losing your starting QB on the next drive.

    On the play where Chad got injured.D'Brick did get beat but Chad had taken a big drop back for a shotgun pass.If Brandon Moore didn't do such a poor job of blocking Vince Wilfork then Chad could of stepped up in the pocket.Moore deserves some blame for that play.I know you can't pick and forget your plays,but apart from the back to back penalties and that sack.He's had a solid game,even for run blocking.There is still the odd play where he gets overpowered but we have a lot of plays which he is pulling or getting to the second level,and he's looked good doing it.

    I'm getting really excited about Nick Mangold.He owned Vince Wilfork in this quarter.Getting the better of him every time and on one play drove him 4 yards downfield by himself.Also looked good getting to the second level.Mangold is going to give Wilfork problems for years to come.

    Chris Baker has had a good game.He's been blocking well the whole game and it was his block that sprung Thomas Jones on his 1st big run as a Jet.Caught a few passes as well.

    Adrien Clarke has been a bit rough.Whiffed a block on Jarvis Green allowing to blow up a play.

    Joe Kowalewski looks to be our new number two TE/starting FB.He saw a lot of time this quarter and while he wasn't a punishing blocker,he tends to successfully block his man.I can't remember seeing Sean Ryan at all so far in this game.

    Anothony Clement had another whiff on the guy right in front of you.Ty Warren again.

    Chad Pennington,having a great game.Probably would of lead us to points on that drive where he got injured.

    Thomas Jones looked a bit quicker getting to the hole in this quarter.Averaged 5.7 yards a carry in this quarter.

    Eric Barton has been doing a good job of shredding blocks.Looks more comfortable in the 3-4.

    The reason why we couldn't get pressure on Brady was because we were sending only 3 men at a time and they were keeping at least one extra TE or back in.Our defense is as conservative and vanilla as it was in the first 8 weeks of the season last year.Hopefully our management was just scared of the pats passing attack and we'll see a more aggressive defense tomorrow.

    4th Quarter Thoughts.

    Anthony Clement gave up another sack to Vrabel.Two sacks on the day.

    Kenyon Coleman got pushed around a bit in this quarter.The pats tried to have two men on him on most running plays.Coleman looks fairly solid,he doesn't get penetration but he can get off blocks to make tackles.

    Shaun Ellis was no where to be seen in this game.He wasn't as stout as he was last year against the pats and got pushed inside too many times on running plays to the outside.

    Kellen Clemens holds on to the ball too long.He waits for the receiver to get open rather than timing his throw so that it reaches the receiver as he's coming out of his cut.

    Sione Pouah looked good coming off the bench.He didn't draw double teams but he got penetration when matched up one on one.

    Worst players.

    1.Anthony Clement-Two sacks,whiiffed blocks,constantly getting beat.The Jets worst player.

    2.David Barrett-Gave WRs too much cushion which lead to Welkers TD.Also gave up a face mask penalty.

    3.Coaching Staff-Poor conservative defensive gameplan.Defense looked nothing like the week 10 and wildcard defenses.

    4.Adrien Clarke-Gave up a few pressures and was inconsistent in the run game.Does show potential though.

    5.Shuan Ellis-Needed a better performance from the big man.

    6.Dewayne Robertson-Didn't draw enough double teams.He didn't have a bad game per say but we needed the Robertson from the second half of last year.

    I'm not putting D'Brick on here because apart from the Chad injury(which was partly Moore's fault) and the back to back penalties.He looked good.

    Best Players.

    1.Chad Pennington-Hanged tough and made some good throws.Kept us in the game.

    2.Nick Mangold-Gave up a sack but looks much stronger than last year and dominated a one of the best NT in the league.*

    3.Chris Baker-Solid blocking and made some nice catches.Didn't do a thing wrong.

    4.Kenyon Coleman-Looks good getting off blocks and making tackles.Did get pushed around a bit in the 4th.

    5.WR core-Solid across the board.Coles and Cotch made some tough grabs and McCariens made some nice blocks in the run game.

    *I don't share the opinion of many that Wilfork is one of the best NTs in the league.

  2. Put Brick on the colts, and he gets probowl votes. Guaranteed.

    Get a real QB in here who can keep 8 guys off the LOS. Its nearly impossible for the Olineman to know which guys are rushing and where they are going if there are 8 or 9 guys crowded up at the LOS and 5 or 6 are rushing the QB/plugging up any holes to run the ball, on every damn snap.

    Brick had his dominance last season, from say weeks 6-12. Then he hit the rookie wall and struggled. I expect him to never be Orlando Pace, but I do expect him to be a top 5 LT by the time we open up the new stadium.

    Most if not all of D'Bricks sacks were a result of him just getting beat,not getting confused by a multiple front.

    If anything D'Brick would give up ore sacks if he had to play in an offense that required bigger drop backs for passes further down the field.

  3. New details came to light yesterday. The cameraman, wearing a team polo shirt under the league-mandated sideline photographer's vest, was stopped by security as he tried to enter the New England locker room before halftime, sources said. An animated discussion ensued, involving league security, Jets security and Patriots security.

    The dispute, which occurred in the bowels of the stadium, lasted more than an hour, virtually the entire second half. At one point, it became so heated that New Jersey state troopers were summoned as a precaution, a source said. The Jets apparently were trying to confiscate the videotape, which wound up in the possession of NFL security. The tape was placed in a box, sealed and forwarded to the league.

    So this all happened over half time...

    Unfortunately this means the pats probably didn't use their knowledge of our signals in this game,meaning it was still an ass kicking.

  4. Why? The Patriots showed the Jets are still a few years away from winning the AFC East much less the AFC or a Superbowl.

    The game set-up nice for you.

    -Seymour and a to a far lesser extent Harrison were not even playing.

    -Assante had a week of practice.

    -Moss had no game time.

    -A scrib named Wes Welker was playing.

    -A home game and a whole year to prepare.

    What happened?

    Thank you. Your candor is rare.

    Are you sure I am not Chad?

    Has a lot of nice numbers, but does not add up to anything.

    Plus, my right shoulder is a little toast.

    The pats are quite possibly the best team in the nfl right now and almost everyone who isn't biased picked the pats to win.You can't call us overrated for losing a game we were expected to lose.

    If anything the pats were underrated.There were a lot of doubts about Moss and how the Pats would do without Seymour.Turns out there are no Doubts and Seymour's backup is pretty good.

  5. I was cheering Chad for saving the team a timeout, I thought he was pretty badass for being able to get off the field.

    You only have to spend a timeout on an injured player if it's in the last two minutes of the half.Chad wouldn't of costed us a timeout if he couldn't get off the field.

  6. Yeah, then it only would have been a 95 yard return. :P

    If the tackling was as bad then probably.I can't help but laugh though.Our Special teams have been one of the best in the league under Whestoff,and our one bad play will go down in the record books.Classic jets.

  7. We never showed any of those crazy blitz packages that we had in the week 10 win and wildcard game.Hopefully it's because we didn't have the film of the 2007 Patriots to study and not a more conservative line of thinking.

  8. I'm 34. I have been going to Jets games, as well as other NFL teams for many years. I have seen and heard worst things happen/said at games . If you're going to get your panties in a twist because it's YOUR boy, get over it. Eagle fans cheered Michael Irvin when he was laying on the ground . It happens. People react in weird way at sports events , many times due to alcohol. Stop being a big baby and posting 10 threads about it. If you didn't agree with it FINE. Get over it. It wouldn't be my reaction if I was sitting at the game. Those people paid money to be there. If they wish to act that way, let it be.

    Just because it happens doesn't mean it isn't classless.

  9. I'm happy with how we responded with that long TD drive.Chad and Coles are carrying our offense at the moment.Run defense is stepping up but big problems defending the pats.

    I'll be interested in the adjustments we make.We had two long drives after the half in the wildcard game.Two TDs in the week 2 game and we outplayed the pats in the week 10 game.

    Need to find a way to get to Brady.

  10. Alright I was bored so I sort of skimmed through the past two preseason games and watched the OL a bit.

    Clement is not all that good. He has his good plays, but consitently gets beat to the outside and loses his man. He's lucky that he has the benefit of Penny being able to see when he doesn't block a defender. With A.Jones as the only real back-up here, I would not be surprised if the FO brings in a FA Tackle.

    Moore is up and down. One play he will pull the the left side and make a great block, the next he will block his man into the RB. He's not great, but he is a decent RG.

    Bender did have a sloppy game against the NYG, but he's a rookie and it was his frist start. He seems like he struggles when he is faced with a quick/agile defender. Aside from his few slip ups he seemed to be controling his man at the line of scrimmage and opened up a few holes for RB's. He won't drive his guy 10 yards back every play, but he does a good job of knowing where the play is going and sealing his man away from it.

    Clarke reminds me of Moore. He'll have a few great plays, then just blow it.

    Fergy seems to be struggling with his hand fighting. He'll give a defender a good pop, but then get beat with a quick move. At times I think I might be be able to pull a swim move on him.

    Leon is a great RB but does not do a great job picking up blitzes; getting driven back into Chad on a bunch of plays. Thomas Jones will certainly do a much better job at that.

    Great post.Spot on about Moore.

  11. Even though he didn't have the stats last week,CJ Mosley was our best player last week in the Giants game.He saw time with the 1st team including 3-4 end and 4-3 DT.He also saw time at NT with the 2nd team.He stood his ground with the 1st team and dominated with the 2nd team.A useful player we have got.

  12. The brains of the D is a load of bull, honestly any other player can fill that role. Also Harris was learning the role with the 2nd team defense during TC. Vilma has huge value now and Barton is a better 3-4 ILB unless Vilma actually shows good progression this season theres no reason to keep him. He isn't big enough to play ILB and it doesn't look like he did much to change that this offseason.

    Vilma was actually off the field for a lot of the 2nd quarter.I saw Bryan Thomas directing guys about on one play but I think BArton was the guy calling most of the shots when Vilma was off.

  13. See thats just me...He said it was his first time comming here and naturaly I figured like me all the road games i`m going to if i`m spending money on airfare & hotel ,I`m not cheaping out on the seat ,the reason i`m making the trip in the first place ,so I figured he was in the 100`s

    Yeah I meant row 31 in the upper level.And I'm a poor student,so everything has got to be on the cheap.

  14. Cheers for the replies guys,I really appreciate it.I'm pretty sure that row 31 is the final row because I can't see any tickets being offered for anything above row 31.

    The tickets that I think i will go for is section 127 row 9,which is right at the goal line according to descriptions.

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