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  1. Hello one and all.

    I'm visiting New York for the first time in the middle of October and it would be a crime if I wasn't going to go and see the Jets/Eagles game.I am currently looking at tickets online and there is a good deal on tickets for the upper bowl.What I want to know is how many rows are there in the upper bowl?Cause I have a feeling they are right at the back.The seats are on the 31st row.

    It's either those tickets or forking out a bit more for seats at section 127.

  2. I didn't catch the game. So i'll ask you an honest question.

    were you wearing goggles during the game, or was Harris really that impressive?

    He's easily outplayed Vilma in all 3 preseason games so far.He's not kicking ass and taking names but he's taking o blockers,sticking his nose in plays and creating a pile for the RB to run into.He's playing the way a 3-4 ILB should play,Vilma is playing like a 4-3 MLB.Vilma still tries to read and react,waiting for the play to develop before committing to an assigment.But worst of all,he can't take on a blocker,he gets blown off the ball way too much.

  3. After watching the Vikings game it's clear that Vilma hasn't improved in the 3-4.You need to be able to take on linemen as a 3-4 ILB and Vilma can't,he gets blown several yards down the field that linemen.IMO David Harris is already a better 3-4 ILB than vilma.

    Vilma is a great 4-3 MLB,but he's a poor 3-4 ILB.He's probably the worst player in our front 7.

  4. If Barrett were faster he could be a very good player.He's physical,can tackle and shows good technique,but he has to give a big cushion to the faster receivers.Thats why he's inconsistent,he can shut down the big physical receivers but needs to play conservative against the burners.

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  5. smile - lily allen

    The UK is currently been taken over by the new Lily Allen.She's called Kate Nash and is very similar in terms of what she sings about and her lyrics.I'm not a big fan of Nash but you should check her out if you like Lily.The song has a bit of swearing.


  6. Serenity- If you were a fan of Firefly, then you already know about this movie. Good action, good story.

    I saw this for the first time a few weeks ago and it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time.I'd really love to see a sequel,it could be as good as the star treks,battle star glatticas and even Star Wars.

  7. I'd like to know how Peter King came to the conclusion that Mangold is going to be the toughest centre in the game since Jim Otto.You need to be tough to play the position but I didn't see anything from Mangold last year to suggest he's tougher than the hundreds of players who have played the centre position since the mid 70s.

  8. :eek::eek::eek: And Jet fans wonder why so many Pats fans come to their boards??? Pure Comedy, pure delusional Comedy. :P:p:p

    And people wonder why pat fans have a reputation for glory hunters who know nothing about football.Are you going to prove me wrong?Give any evidence to back up your point of view?No,you are just going to insult me.

    Barrett's problem has always been that he's inconsistent,he has had great games but he's also had bad games.He strung together some good games towards the end of 2004.

    Barrett had a fantastic playoff game against the Steelers.Getting an interception in the last two minutes of the game after shutting down Plaxico Burress and providing a lot of help in run support.

  9. And who do the Jets have?


    Miller....All Pro kick returner; Bust as a CB.

    Dave Barrett....average on a good day.

    Without Revis, the Jets are weak at corner.

    I would feel better with Hobbs and James then Dyson and whomever.

    David Barrett is great on a good day.He really did a number on a lot of good receivers down the stretch in 2004.And he has a knack for making big plays in the 4th quarter.

    Dyson is pretty solid,it's hard to throw on him downfield.

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