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  1. There was no need to whack Dobby either!

    Dobby had such a random out of the blue death.He shows up with no warning and then dies two pages later.All the deaths happened very suddenly or off page.While I was glad that it was a happy ending where everyone hooked up for mad wizard sex and babies,a good heroes death would of made the ending more memorable and emotional;like Hagrid throwing himself in front of the killing curse to save Harry or something along those lines.

  2. Again. Tell me what you want me to edit, as long as it is factually correct and mine is not.

    Here's a hint. My 2004 write up was absolutely spot on. I gave you the cold hard facts and you cant handle it. I had no problem saying chad led the team to victory vs the texans coming back off the injury or that he had a very solid game vs the chargers. FACTS - thats what I wrote. Deal with it.

    What the ****?You never mentioned anything before week 9.How is that accurate?

    Yes you mention facts,but only the facts that suit your argument.You are quick to go into detail about the media feud,you are quick to blame Chad for the jets offensive woes in Pittsburgh despite the fact that there are 10 other players on offense.Yet there is no mention that he actually tore his rotator cuff,which is arguably the worst thing to happen to a QB other than have his arm fall off.No mention of leading the jets to a 6-2 start.No praise or snappy comment on how he took the jets to the playoffs.

    Oh and by the way,how is this fact and not a cheap biased shot at Chad?

    Chad was clearly distraught and saddened, as evidenced by his knock-knock joke and laugh with Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger on the field right after the game had ended.

    Anyway I'm done with this,I'm not going to waste anymore time with this troll.

  3. Completely not true. Read thru the 2004 season write up I did.

    I'll try and do a season write up for every year of his career, have patience. I cant do it all in one night, so chill.

    So just just decided to up your usual arguments for why he is a horrible player first,why am I not surprised?

    Don't bother.You are the last person who should be allowed to write up about Chad Pennington.Face it,you think he is absolute ****.Which puts you in a very small minority.So why should you be the one who writes up a non biased report on Chad Pennington?

  4. Show me what you didnt like and I will edit it, as long as it is factually correct and mine isnt. Fair?

    Don't play the fool,you've deliberately left out any positives to Chad Pennigtons game while drawing attention to all his negative attributes and accomplishments.

    Where is Chad stats for pre rotator cuff injury?Where is his total win loss record.Where is your write up on fantastic 2002 season?Where do mention the fact the jets had horrible seasons in 2003 and 2005 without him?Where is the mention of the fact that the jets make the playoffs when he starts more than 9 games?Where is the mention that he lead us to only our second ever AFC east championship?

    And don't pretend that you forgot to put these things in.

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  5. Who the **** actually buys **** off of Itunes?


    Kanye West- Stronger

    I do,it's very handy for b-sides and one off singles.I have both the Stone Roses album but Elephant Stone is not on either,I don't feel like buying one of their many compilations just for that one song.

  6. Are you joking? Did you see what Wilfork did to "MAN-PIE" in the Wild-card game??? If I had to lose one of the three it would be between Warren and Seymore. Finding a true 3-4 DT in the NFL today is about as difficult as finding a true Franchise QB.

    Yes I did,I saw what Wilfork did to the rookie.I also saw what the rookie did to wilfork in the week 10 game.

  7. Wilfork gets a bit too much praise imo,he's not as good as Traylor or Washington were with their stints on the pats and the leagues best centres get the better of him.But I'd probably agree that they have the best D-line.

  8. I have a soft spot for Barrett,he's made some big plays for us and is a good match up against physical WRs.He's the 2nd best CB on the team at the moment and don't forget he played last year with a sports hernia for most of the season.

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