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  1. You're blocked too? It's almost like a badge of honor to be blocked by him
  2. Thanks. Just making sure. Aside from the other rookies who played well, I really wanted to see Herndon and Nickerson after constantly reading nothing but good things about them in camp.
  3. About some other rookies...did Herndon and Nickerson not play? I don't remember hearing or seeing them. Did they both sit out with injuries?
  4. I'm so glad Dick has me blocked on Twitter so I don't have to read his garbage. From reading this, I haven't missed his snide remarks at all.
  5. He also timed Luke in the 40...when I saw Bowles in Luke Cage I got flashbacks to when Mangini appeared on the Sopranos
  6. Mike Florio has used Manish Mehta as a source on more than one occasion. He's probably Florio's source for this one too, which means this is most likely full of sh*t, just like Mehta.
  7. Hasn't he also gotten two concussions just this year alone? I could certainly picture that being an issue going forward, unless the refs treat him like Brady where they blow the whistle when someone gets too close to him lol.
  8. A special 'thank you' to everyone reporting on Cimini's tweets. Apparently I called him "Dick" too many times and I'm blocked by him on Twitter
  9. And Cimini continues to survive the purge...smh
  10. I like how the first words after the stats are "If your lucky enough" and at the end it talks about "your college education". Apparently the person making the sign didn't learn the difference between "your" and "you're"
  11. Isn't he only going to be a sophomore? No guarantees he comes out after his sophomore year, depending on how it goes. He could elect to stay in and play his junior year. You never know.
  12. Just curious... So Trubisky started 13 games and people are skeptical about him because of his inexperience. Darnold started the same amount of games, and people are convinced he's the QB we need next year so let's tank this season? I know he'll be playing more games this year, but without seeing those games, why are people so convinced about them after the same amount of games started? Didn't Trubisky play the previous two years as well? Maybe not starting, but he did play. I guess I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the "Suck for Sam" movement by some.
  13. Never been washed...never been back to the Super Bowl... I'm not a superstitious guy, but maybe your friend is the cause of the curse LOL
  14. I'm watching Wrestlemania and that was on the pre-show. They showed him in the crowd first and I shook my head in disgust. When he got involved, I almost threw up in my mouth a little. I was partly hoping he would pull a muscle or something
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