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  1. You're blocked too? It's almost like a badge of honor to be blocked by him
  2. Thanks. Just making sure. Aside from the other rookies who played well, I really wanted to see Herndon and Nickerson after constantly reading nothing but good things about them in camp.
  3. About some other rookies...did Herndon and Nickerson not play? I don't remember hearing or seeing them. Did they both sit out with injuries?
  4. KSJets

    Jets Training Camp - 7/29

    I'm so glad Dick has me blocked on Twitter so I don't have to read his garbage. From reading this, I haven't missed his snide remarks at all.
  5. KSJets

    Thomas Jones is in Luke Cage?!?

    He also timed Luke in the 40...when I saw Bowles in Luke Cage I got flashbacks to when Mangini appeared on the Sopranos

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