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  1. Did you try deleting cookies? You should at least be able to view the website that way. It worked for me.
  2. It was more of a compliment really.
  3. When you're all alone at night watching awful reality TV and you realize that nobody gives a **** about you and nobody ever will doesn't it make you want to just end it all? It wouldn't be that hard.
  4. I should be ignoring everything you post but for some reason I'm not. It's certainly not because you're interesting. One thing is for sure though - you are a sad worthless poster and you bring nothing to the table. I don't doubt that the rest of your life is equally lacking. Your mother should have swallowed you.
  5. Oh god JN do yourselves a favor and rid yourselves of jetsrule128. His gay ass shtick gets old after a couple days. TGG has never been better since that freak was banned (sorry he found his way here).
  6. He started out using the knife to cut his wrists, but was pissed at how long it was taking so he used the shotgun. Also, when the rest of the band found him they made necklaces out of pieces of his skull and ate some of his brain. Mayhem ruled. EDIT: They also used that picture as an album cover too.
  7. Skarky? My homework? This is exactly what I'm talking about. You're pathetic.
  8. For an old guy you certainly behave like a child.
  9. Changing quotes can be fun, but I'm not abyzmul.
  10. 51PA stop spamming up other sites with your stupid sh*t. Get over it and move on. No one is going to feel sorry for you especially, after you ran your mouth here while TGG was down. I'm suprised JN hasn't banned your ass yet too.
  11. I was shocked when I learned that much of the country doesn't know of the awesomeness that is Taylor Ham / Pork Roll. Such a tragedy.
  12. 51pa is 51jetsfaninpa51. Jetsfan5180 is a completely different person, but still an embarrasment to TGG nonetheless.
  13. I think the no politics/religion rule is brilliant. I've seen too many threads turn into nothing but bullying and namecalling. You guys got the right idea over here.
  14. silent scream

    New to JN

    You're going down in the BS Bowl bro.
  15. Gay Emu's? I'll have to watch out for them.
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