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    Ice Road Truckers

    I just saw the preview for next week, Hugh saves a guy whose truck goes through the ice and sinks. I'm still into the show, I like watching these guys with the brass balls and bull****. Hugh is definitely The Man.
  2. Anything tastes good with some Cholula and a side of rice pilaf.
  3. O I no its gots to be Blair Tomas cause, he couldt hold ontothe ball all the tim is wut I think. Or it cold be jonny mitcell, tho.
  4. Yeah, well...I did my thing, even though I didn't think about it being Earth Day, just great weather. But it looks kinda hippified, complete with Allman brothers t-shirt
  5. Jokes about the retarded are always funny, until you get to know them. The most innocent, childlike people you could ever meet. Not smart, but none of them are *******s either. My fiance has a retarded cousin, old as me but acts like a little child. We found out he may have cancer. Man, that killed me to know that. It hits you, of all the people that have to get cancer, why somebody that will never understand why it happened? What a cruel f'ing joke life can be. I gotta go...
  6. Yeah, he did kind of set that up well, didn't he
  7. I bet I have a member longer than you...oh, wait, I need to read closer, sorry
  8. Hey, SJ, I got a message for us (well, me, but its from this so...) from Dino All I can say is, I'm not the one bragging about being drunk, posting drunk, having the word drunk under my name, etc. I said I hoped you would get help, and you did tell me you worried about your drinking being out of control. Denial isn't just a river.
  9. Oh, god, don't I know it. Its been years now, I've tried to talk to him about his drinking, coming from having too much experience. I never saw the humor in his bragging about being drunk all the time. Its just sad, and he knows I hope he gets better. And if you're reading this Dino, you know we had that talk maybe 2 years ago and you admitted you worry about your drinking being out of control. Now that I feel free to say it, I hope you will stop bragging about it and notice how much of your life you wasted already.
  10. I would say somewhere in the northern 'burbs of Asheville, NC would work for me. Spend all my spare time hiking, yet close enough to a decently large city for concerts and different choices in restaurants.
  11. *Spoiler alert* The souls in the contract were being kept from the devil because it was too much power (or something like that. It was never too clear what the hell that was about) So the Ghost Rider sets them free in the end, at which point...they go to hell! So the devil gets them anyway. How is that a success? And Nick Cage spends the first 30 minutes of the film playing a guy who was quiet, shy, gave a horrible interview to the reporter chick...and all of a sudden, he's chasing her down the highway and talking like a brash, smooth talking used car salesman. Its like he did a 180 and g
  12. How about Dylan, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, and the lesser-known Townes Van Zandt. Yep, that other list was a shame. Quote about TVZ: "Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that" -Steve Earle.
  13. I've got to say, I really enjoyed it. Even if you don't go for Nick Cage (who was tastefully understated instead of trying to ham it up constantly) the Ghost Rider was very visually stunning eye-candy. Not a boring film at all. The biggest problem of course is the plot, which has more holes than swiss cheese. But if you go in knowing its going to be very non-intellectually challenging and just give in to the special effects, its a good show. Now Reno 911-Miami, that was a festering pile of ****. It had maybe 4 laugh out loud moments, with 60 minutes of boring crap in between. (Although it
  14. Motel Hell Wrong Turn The Hitcher The Evil Dead The Shining Evil Dead II N O Elm St. Dawn of the Dead (remake) From Hell Silence of the lambs
  15. 14 right. I can live with that.
  16. Only thing I wanted to add...damn, that **** right there is funny Screw the drama, I'm just glad I didn't miss seeing this post
  17. You guys missed some easy ones, I'm going to win this thing! Charlton Heston Walter Cronkite Eddie Robinson (Grambling) Jake the snake Roberts Ladybird Johnson (still alive, I checked) Kim Jong Il BB King Nancy Reagan Robert Byrd Chuck Berry
  18. Dr. Phil said he refuses to publicize this. Hows that working out for him? The guy's probably gotten a few million more hits on his site thanks to Dr Phil kicking him off the show. Bum fights
  19. MyYahoo Flickr GangGreen JetsChat JetNation Myspace My Yahoo fantasy football league page KFFL ProFootballTalk MyJambase 1Wrestling and my email accts. And maybe some porn.
  20. Well, it looks like I'm going to see if you can get banned over there for posting gibberish
  21. You can even call them a mother****ing ****sucker if you like
  22. I caught up with the whole mess tonight, but I can't get into all the drama. 3rd is a grown man, being treated like a kid by somebody that judges message board offenses by the same rulebook that officials make roughing the passer calls. All that said, 3rd should have sent a PM instead of publically arguing, and he knew that but did it anyway. That's between those two guys, I don't want to get involved in it, here or there. Although by speaking my mind, I probably am by now. Oh, well.
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