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  1. Mar 23 KFFL has learned the New York Jets will attend the Villanova Pro Day Friday, March 23, to scout NFL Draft prospect QB Marvin Burroughs (Villanova). http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/nyj/notes Marvin Burroughs Class: Senior Hometown: Atlantic City, N.J. High School: Atlantic City Height / Weight: 6-1 / 215 Position: QB Birthdate: 10/07/1983 Villanova: Co-Captain; Will be the leader of the Villanova offensive unit; One of the top playmakers in the Atlantic 10 Conference; Possesses a strong, accurate
  2. Nice! The season hasn't even started and we have BB already looking over his shoulder. I can see that vein in his neck starting to bulge again
  3. Leinart was not the best at his position by a long shot. Thomas is never going to go past 5th pick , guarenteed. He is the best OT by a country mile with Levi Brown and Joe Staley trailing in his wake. For my money Brick is a better tackle , hes certainly stronger . If you can be bothered to read it all.....
  4. Its a good question? How do you work that out? We shore up LT and then trade it........for a potentially good player. Hell will freeze over before Thomas falls out of the top 5
  5. Yeah Doug flutie was so **** , no one knows who he is in the street. WTF is wrong with some of you? Too short , too tall, too fat...The guy was so **** he won the Heismann. I know he has a rich Daddy and he bought it it for him. Troy Smith will be a good NFL player...much better than the Heismann winning Brad Smith....whats that Brad didn't win it?
  6. I think alot of folks have forgotton about him......someones going to get a steal in this draft. Unfortunatley I don't think it will be us.
  7. Thats it. We didn't at any time last year play a pure 3-4 D it was a hybrid 4-3. I think that Mr Mangini is keeping his cards close to his chest and MAY go 4-3 next year or with the same hybrid mix. I like it it alot beacuse its so hard to read , the only problem is , is finding players that comfortable running it , IMO Vilma isn't and hes pivotol to what we are going to achieve. Our main divisional rival is again going to be the Pats , and if we can gain the upper hand by simply shifting our D around during the game with the right personel we could have anothet win at Foxboro which w
  8. Yes I would. We are going to need a vet RB come the season start. Thomas Jones age does not bother me , he will be good for about 2-3 years in which time we can hopefully draft/aquire our new franchise back. We need to be patient in this rebuilding. Making knee jerk signings is not something I would expect from Mangini and Tannenbaum.
  9. The Jets want a 6th rounder for him. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/story/501378p-422803c.html
  10. He won't get traded, released maybe. Priceless Ramsey > Turner , LMAO:1st:
  11. You hear about these stories every now and again and they don't get easier to read.....great shame. RIP Javan Camon Indoor football player dies after making hit in Florida Feb. 27, 2007 CBS SportsLine.com wire reports DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A defensive back for Daytona Beach's minor league football team, who was knocked unconscious in a helmet-to-helmet block, died from a broken neck, according to a preliminary autopsy report. Javan Camon, a 6-foot-1, 180-pound defender for the Daytona Beach Thunder of the World Indoor Football League, probably was kil
  12. All good pick ups. I wonder about the Daniels pick though , unless they are thinking of moving him to CB.
  13. The lions have said that Bly is on his way , for possibly a 2-3 rounder. I say we nab him at that value. Dre' Bly could soon be in another city, with the Lions looking to deal. The story out of Detroit is that the Lions are willing to part with cornerback Dre' Bly, and it should not take a first-round pick ... or maybe not even a second-round pick. From what I could gather, the best landing spot for Bly is Denver for possibly a third-round pick and a player or two. Detroit has a number of needs, and the Denver roster has a few guys who could help them. The sad and s
  14. Sanity at last. Theres a chance he may never play in the league again. Certainly there are various players across differnt teams that have voiced their concerns about idiots like him. 3 strikes and your out (of the NFL) has been mentioned. Pacman a Jet??? No thanks ,HANK POTEAT!!!!!
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