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  1. Again I don’t advocate firing Douglas. I’m not going to make excuses for him either. I’m watching the team. The product stinks and even worse it’s dull. I have zero expectation that the Jets can make a better hire. I’ve waited a long time for good Jets football. My interest in the team along with expectations are low. Honestly don’t want to see anyone fired. That doesn’t mean I have to continue to make excuses. If someone serves me a bad meal, it’s not my job to make excuses for the chief. He tore it down. His served the fan base a turd. I don’t have to like i
  2. The Cardinals had a GM that built a team that went to the NFC championship. They realized the blew the HC and QBs and dumped both of them. They brought in the QB they were going with one of his college Coaches. They drafted a ton of O with Murray. They got Hopkins in year two and drafted D and brought in FAs. they had a very experienced former GM of the year rebuild it. His first move was getting rid of sunk cost. A rookie HC and QB who couldn’t cut it.
  3. Might be worth a look before recyling the next BB or Shanahan assistant.
  4. I love Zach. He's got talent. The Jets HC and OC have handled him like dogsh*t. I'm not sure what your arguing. I've been among the biggest Zach ass lickers on this board.
  5. There are thousands of good coaches at the High school and College level who would die for a top job on an NFL D. Retired coaches can come out of retirenment they can even consult. You are full of excuses. This is simply a continuation of the excuses. I'm sorry this conjecture you keep talking about is simply me watching the results. You're making excuses which is pure conjecture and aren't in the lest bit tethererd to results. Since I can't win an argument that isn't somewhat tethered to reality I'll let you keep making excuses. This entire thread was started as
  6. Our point differential through 5 games is 10.8 the Cardinals was 5.06 for that year.
  7. If he's not running the Shanahan system, the only system he knows is he running the Davidson O he ran as OC and went 0 and 11?
  8. Good coaches. This is the NFL brotherhood. There are good coaches all over the country. There are retired coaches all over the country and there are veteran QB's all over the country. Conjecture. This isn't conjecture they failed to lift Zach and he's floundering right now.
  9. How many times do you have to hear were running the Shanahan system before you believe them? They had the balls to say they benched Mims because he didn't know the system.
  10. They had the 16th ranked scoring O in the league with Kingsbury and Kyler in his first year. Kyler threw for 20 TD's and had 12 INT's. They had a bad roster but they put an exciting team that was rarely blown out on the field. They were watchable. They were ascending. Their rookie QB was getting national eyeballs. Murray threw for 308 with 2 TD's and 1 INT in game one. You couild actually watch a Cardinals game without ripping your eyes out of your head.
  11. Great post that's spot on. It's not a defense it's rational. It's very possible Joe was given a position he wasn't ready for but might grow into. While I have no idea if that's actually the case I do know that Woody is a low charachter owner with terrible judgement that a proven up and comer with any real moxie would turn down flat.
  12. This is where you and I part. Mac deserved to get fired based on results. Joe Douglas has fielded a sh*t team for 2 straight years. Not just a sh*t team a boring unwatchable team. It's not even entertaining. I'm not advocating firing him. I just don't see the point of defending his record because...If he turns it around he gets to keep his job. If he doesn't see you later. There is no defending it's simply excuse making. If he was winning with the youngest roster in football or sucked less with the youngest roster in football nobody would be defending him. His defense would be
  13. The keep Joe crowd is basing it on demanded offset language from Zach. Bold move.
  14. I hope it gets better also. Giant fans thought they turned a corner in the second half of last year.
  15. Arizona for all of it's disfunction figured out their CEO, motivator of men, Steve Wilks wasn't HC material after 1 year. They figured out that their OC wasn't cut out to be there OC in 5 games. They figured out that the QB they took at 10 was a bust. Right now they are the only undefeated team in the NFL.
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