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  1. Both the Bengals and SF are tough as nails. I didn’t think either team had a shot yesterday. They both have a chance. They’re both good and they both have great leadership.
  2. Comparing the Jets to the Cowboys is a compliment to the Jets.
  3. He absolutely had to be fired. He earned getting fired. Hess wanted to retain him and offered him an extension if he was willing to get help. The team was constantly under pressure by the media. There was pressure to build a stadium, pressure to win. Hess turned it all off. He was a self made man and nobody told him what to do. kraft is a self made man. Woody is a tool. No conviction at all.
  4. Leon Hess was his own man. He wouldn’t be pressured by anything. Good or bad he had a spine. Woody doesn’t have a spine.
  5. You survived the hurricane. You deserve a lot of sunshine.
  6. He didn’t build a great team and he got fired because he refused to get help. Very good team, not great.
  7. He literally did nothing. He’s the league MVP and he looked like he was ready to go inside and drink hot Coco in the 4th quarter when the team was looking for him to lead. You don’t win Lombardi trophies by not making a single mistake. You play great for as long as it takes to overcome them. We got two great games. They weren’t without mistakes. The two teams that won played hard every snap. They were simply mentally tougher teams down the stretch and never gave up. Brady does everything great but he’s special because he plays tough to the bitter end in every big
  8. It depends. If the HC sucks you move on. If he’s good and the team stinks you stick with him. Record is secondary. One thing we know. The 49ers don’t miss Saleh or Lefluer.
  9. He gave up and a guy with a lot less talent didn’t. In crunch time Rodgers disappeared. MVPs never give up. Rodgers legacy is on him. In a team game he’s not tough enough to lead.
  10. Two great games and Rodgers looked like you could put a fork in him in the second half. He’s an all world talent but Jimmy G showed more heart and in a war that’s what it takes.
  11. There taunting and trash talk on every play. It’s selective.
  12. The refs are tools. The taunting is stupid but it’s not impacting the game.
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