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  1. Zach is fine. Rookie OC, lots of new moving parts. Not worried at all about Zach. The Jets got the 2nd pick for a reason. He's not the problem.
  2. Actual self made man. Didn't really care about winning until he was having health issues as an old man. Took one run at a SB and hired the best overall coaching staff in NFL history to accomplish it. Fell short, died and his estate sold the company to a trust fund boy who cheated on his taxes and was cought. Known for having the cleanest gas station bathrooms in the world and a great toy truck.
  3. They should move to NYC. NY and LI has the population to support an NFL team. Might look at locating to Brooklyn. Large population who can afford to go to games.
  4. The entire organization future is predicated on Zach Wilson becoming an elite NFL QB. The pick of Wilson and trading Darnold will decide Joe D's and Saleh's NFL future along with the Jets future. Watson may well end up in Miami in which case Wilson becoming a generational talent will be required for the NY Jets to be relevant going forward. If Watson ends up on Miami, Zach will simply have to be better than both Watson and Allen. If Zach is the best QB in the division by year 3 we will have the cap space to compete and win the division. Buffalo and Miami will have to
  5. Agreed unless you're fielding the worst team in the NFL. In that case guys from round 3 to 7 should be starting. Where not talking about guys not starting on an averge NFL team were talking about the 2020 NY Jets. We fielded a team last year where many of the starters wouldn't be on NFL rosters as special team players.
  6. We learned when you're out of the good aged Scotch you can still take the edge off with a Captain Morgan.
  7. This means he better be better than Sam or were screwed.
  8. They did give in. Woody didn't want to pay him his bonus in 15 days. This was always about the money. Woody was bent over and got the alein probe.
  9. Zach is the man. Willing to show Warfish he's not afraid to be cut. Willing to bend Woody over and take his wallet.
  10. Zach bends over Woody. We got ourselves a leader.
  11. Wilson is in camp. Jets bend over on paying the full bonus, Zach gives up on the offsets.
  12. 30 of 32 NFL teams have violated the spirit of the CBA that they signed that forced slotted rookie salary through a lock out.
  13. What's working against the Jets is Zach comes from a family who have the money and legal representation to equal a Billion dollar company on the other side of the table. He's lawyers aren't being rolled over.
  14. The online bank is better than a 10 year treasury. Is that FDIC insured?
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