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  1. Which begs the question what makes a great HC Luck or preparation. In BB's case it's clear he is the luckiest HC ever and it's also clear he is a stickler for details and preparation. If Luck = great he's the greatest. If preparation = great he's the greatest. Seems like like he hits the mark in both cases.
  2. Who said you should feel sorry for him. I don't. I also don't pretend that players on a rookie deal who are really good are going to be unrestricted free agents.
  3. It's not the uniform, it's the laundry detergent.
  4. The Pats were down in the 4th quarter and didn't allow a point. As you pointed out Seattle drove down the field on some big plays. The D was exhausted. BB called a time out and gave the D a short rest and reset them. He called the D that then ended the game. After wards Butler when interviewed discussed how they had worked on that exact play in practice against the Seahawks. Saying their D cost them 3 SB is like saying Brady cost the Pats the SB against Philadelphia because he turned the ball over and didn't drive them down the field for the win. Or is it???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. To be fair to Watson, the team had a 5th year option and could franchise him for 2 years. It's pretty tough to become an FA out of your rookie deal. It also comes with substantial financial risk if you get badly hurt.
  6. I'm going to speculate that if the GM of the Cardinals gave any indication that he didn't think he could win with Murray after using their 1st pick two years in a row to draft a QB, he who would be fired on the spot. Not to mention 2 HC in the same time frame. Kingsbury would be gone the same day they traded Murray.
  7. You're actually arguing that holding Seattle to zero in the 4th quarter when you're trailing by 10 with a decent not great D was an abomination because Seattle had a drive that almost won the game but instead of converting they turned it over? The Pats D are not over or under rated, they are simply what they are. Sometimes they have been excellent, sometimes decent, sometimes not very good. They have always been well coached despite the personal changing. Your argument isn't elite.
  8. Unlike Adams Watson thinks he will win anywhere there is a functioning GM and HC.
  9. Rodgers looked real good on the drive to get his team back in the game. I think the pressure between his ears had more impact on him than the pressure from the Bucks D when they were knocking on the door.
  10. The best defensive coaches can make those middling QB's look middling in big spots.
  11. I'm a fan of a crappy football team for one reason, football. I love NFL football. This is the best against the best. I will listen to the hype and enjoy the heck out of the game. Hope both teams bring there A game and it's a classic.
  12. I love this matchup and I agree TB D is much better than Buffalo's. One thing about Mahomes is he tends to neutralize inside pass rushers by simply backing up. Rodgers doesn't back up, he rolls outside the pocket. Mahomes does both. I also don't think Mahomes gets tight in a big spot. He runs that 3rd down into the end zone easily.

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