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  1. I suspect it's a copyright enfringement. Woody might ask for an arm and a leg in payment.
  2. Ridiculous assumption. He took the ball from center and has shown solid ability to climb up in the pocket and make great throws. They won and he didn't turn the ball over. Darnold never took the ball from center and never really showed the abiltiy to consistently climb up the pocket and make solid foundational throws. Zach can, has and will.
  3. It's not an over correction. It's been advancing this way for years. This is the modern game right now. Almost all of the great QB's had the ability to make great off platform throws.
  4. I will convince myself we are on the Super Bowl train and hope they fixed the bridge over the Hudson River.
  5. Late teens both in college. The weed seems to be controlling my anxiety.
  6. He didn't ask what she thought about it. He basically said there was nothing she could do about it. I wouldn't rule it out.
  7. Most Jets fans can't handle the truth. Deep down in places those Jets fans talk about at parties they want you on that wall-they need you on that wall. They have the luxury of not knowing what we know. While grotesque and incomprehensible the Jets really do suck and nothing that the GM and the coaches or the draft picks can do about it. I salute you!
  8. I've just remarried and inherited teenage girls. Here's my take. He's 16 he can do whatever he wants to do. He's telling he's mother is a form of passive aggression. He knows it's a dumb move and he's telling her I'm stupid and you can't do anything about it. It could be perfectly normal for a 16 year old to do this since it's part of seperating from the nest and with a few exceptions, most 16 year old boys are stupid. It could aslo be a symptom of some deeper dysfunction between him and his parents. It's between his mother and father. Stay out of it and be a good role model t
  9. It's very debatable. Lawrence is way more athletic than either Rivers or Matt Ryan. He's a physical freak and he's going to get bigger and stronger. He gets rid of the ball very quickly and he can see over the LOS on quick plays. He's without question the No. 1 prospect in this class by miles.
  10. Horrible. Al Toon was a beautiful player to watch. He carried himself and played the game with a level of grace that you rarely see. Huge fan of his and really feel terrible about this. I hope he can find some way to process and live with this and be a mentor to his surviving grandchild. RIP
  11. Nobody is going to deny you entry if you don't get your syphilis treated.
  12. Acceptance? What happened to revenge and retribution? I'll move on when the voices in my head tell me to move on.
  13. When we traded up to take Darnold we gave up 3 2nd round picks. We aren't doing that this year. We earned our pick and were going to use it instead of trading down now and having to trade up in the future to get a QB who may not be as good a prospect. Douglas can't be blamed that the crappy build by Mac lead to us having the 2 pick and at 2 there appears to be an elite QB prospect that the staff loves.
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