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  1. Because they won a SB and had a HC and staff that got the bum playing at an MVP level. The didn't move him for an expired box of dog biscuits.
  2. Nothing says NFL football like a stadium spelling bee.
  3. My prefrence is Zach starts the season. Yea I said it. Bite me.
  4. The West Side stadium was part of a bid to win the Olympics. There would have been huge subsidies by the State and CIty including lots of bonds to help build the stadium. Woody was never building this without a huge public commitment that the Olympic bid provided.
  5. When he's the weak link instead of Zach his teammates will turn on him in a millisecond.
  6. Botox makes him look like Kevin Bacon?
  7. Why does the GOAT look like a broken loser?
  8. What happens if he plays 11 games. We’re 8&3 his arm falls off and we don’t make the playoffs? Does Saleh and Douglas get fired for not meeting the secret playoff mandate that they don’t have?
  9. He seems like a cool dude who would watch your back in a bar fight.
  10. He broke his thumb in game 5 when they had just won 3 in a row and the Packers were 3 and 1. He's injury was a big reason they didn't make the playoffs. Healthy it's hard to see them not making the playoffs. I do agree with you that the Jets aren't a playoff team next year. Green Bay this year with a healthy Rodgers is a playoff team..
  11. Patience with poor performance is nothing but passive aggressive behavior. It's not a plan for future success. Lossing patience with failure is not a guarantee of future success. They are both reations to the same problem and neither position solves the problem. You're position is just as reactionary.
  12. If we get Rodgers and he fails dick pics might be the only reason not to fire Douglas and Saleh.
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