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  1. The suck factor of the ownership, the coaching the roster defies the very principle of evolutionary theory of survival of the fittest. The personal insults are simply a way for Jets fans to apply the principles of evolution to the board. If you can't take it go back to the primordial slime you crawled out of.
  2. I'd rather see Morgan get the rest of this year and next then give Darnold real money at this point. Darnold needs to be sat down for at least a year or two before he will be mature enough and sound enough to be a very good NFL QB. Sinking big money on him now is really dumb. Plunkett lived up to his potential when he was in his early 30's. Doug Williams reached his potential at 32. You simply can't strap the team with a QB on franchise QB money who hasn't shown he has the goods to be a franchise QB. And that doesn't mean Sam doesn't have potential and won't be really good. Sam wants the Jets to show me the money, show me the franchise QB.
  3. Because as a group we weren't breast fed as babies. This is so obvious.
  4. Gase has very similar on the spectrum autism displayed by both Bill Belichick and Mangini. I suspect while all 3 are probably geniuses and display anti-social behavior bordering on sociopathic, only Belichick has been able to actually express and teach his knowledge to the idiot savants who excel at one thing, playing pro-football. Gase was hired because the Johnson are obsessed with finding the next Ray Babbitt to coach the Jets.
  5. There are only 2 honorable solutions. Seppuku or self immolation. Firing Gase will solve nothing.
  6. If the goal is to help Sam, trade Sam.
  7. Back in the day we threatened to kill you, your family and erase ever remnant of your blood from the face of the earth. Now if you don't pay up your bookie is going to unfollow you and your entire family on twitter.
  8. Sounds like a good OC. The article doesn't make the argument for him to be the HC. It's not the same job.
  9. Got to go with Nate Scarborough, player coach Mean Machine.
  10. Losing the AFC championship game to the Chiefs in 1969. We had that game and would have been a two time SB champ. I also froze my 15 year old ass off in the standing room section at Shea.
  11. Personally I think Parcells blowing our opportunity to get into the playoffs by losing his cool during the Detroit game followed by the horribly tight play of the team that went into Denver for a chance to get to the SB was on balance really bad. Considering he had one of the greatest coaching staffs, along with great talent on both sides of the ball he really sucked as the HC for the Jets.
  12. It's possible to criticize good moves and praise moves that turn out to be wrong.

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