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  1. In the desert of AZ. It's awesome. I'm howling with the Coyotes and owls.
  2. The good news. Sam is probably the 2nd best QB in the AFC East. The bad news Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best QB in the AFC East.
  3. Two mediocre WR. We vastly upgraded the talent and vastly downgraded the production. Neither Robbie or Perriman are more than situational WR at this point in their career. Perriman clearly has more talent, Robbie has clearly outproduced him. We still need to draft a true No. 1.
  4. I loved the Hill pick. I missed on the liability potential of a WR who couldn't catch the football.
  5. Maynard wasn't underrated. Sauer was. Sauer had 20 receptions in 3 playoff games Maynard had 7 in those same 3 games.
  6. Loved Maynard and saw him play. Back in the day I always though Sauer was a better WR than Maynard.
  7. As a taxpayer to the US government and not to the Chinese government I disagree. Back in 2013 one of the leaks that came out from Mr. Snowden was we had a "Black Box" budget of 53 billion. We also had back then roughly 107,000 people employed to gather information. I suspect that budget is bigger today. I also don't expect my government to rely on information from China or any other country on threats to the American public without verifying it. The Chinese Government is an authoritarian dictatorship that has been bolstered under Xi. To rely on information from them would be completely irresponsible. FYI on March 20th the President himself said Xi and China were doing a very good job. No they didn't. Let's keep our eye on the ball. The USA has the single biggest National security apparatus in the world. We have allies all over the world and we have people on the ground in China for exactly this reason. This country has no reason at all to trust anyone without verification, particularly China. The comparison to Chernobyl is a good one. The fact that Sweden had to ring the alarm is exactly why you can almost justify the NSA Budget.
  8. John Riggins has 12 TD's and 996 playoff game yards and a SB ring. I still go with Freeman.
  9. Who were the executives? County Executive, bank executive, Baseball executives? Without context of who is being critical and what moves they would have made instead it seems like the article is meaningless. From my POV the key sentence in this article: "They signed a long list of players without making a long list of commitments deep into the future." Douglas is clearly looking to upgrade the team through the draft.
  10. If I was building a high powered O and had a healthy McNeal I take him all day long over Martin.
  11. 3 best interior lineman. 2 best Tackles in my opinion. I have no doubt that Mangold, Fields and Mawae could all move over and the interior OL would be great. If we were going against a 3/4 with a great nose tackle probably put Mangold at Center otherwise Mawae would be my choice.
  12. Joe, Namath QB Al Toon, Don Maynard and George Sauer Jr. WR Freeman McNeal tailback Winston Hill, Kevin Mawae, Joe Fields, Nick Mangold, Marvin Powell on the line. Because Namath is the QB Ricard, don't call me dick, Caster at TE.
  13. This just in from China. Huge numbers of married couples have filed for divorce since they lifted the lockdown. Be very careful how you treat your spouse during the lockdown. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-31/divorces-spike-in-china-after-coronavirus-quarantines
  14. Robbies production is awful. The amount of more productive WR in the NFL than Robbie is enormous. Perriman didn't get a chance to play last year until the two starters went down. Robbie would have been in the exact same position on TB last year, on the bench, situational WR. The reality is we replaced a decent 3 or 4 situational WR with a decent 3 or 4 situational WR. We needed to add a true 1 with or without Robbie. There is an assumption that Robbie's numbers with a good O would be much better. The flip side of that coin with a much better O Robbie might not get many chances to improve his numbers and they might very well be much lower.
  15. Robbie wouldn't have gotten on the field for the Bucs last year.

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