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  1. No ballwashing needed. Joe is okay with me.
  2. I view all these teams picking up Morgan for a tryout a vote of confidence for GM Joe Douglas. Joe Douglas drafted him and apparently that was good enough for other teams to kick the tires to find out why.
  3. "I can't tell you why I dumped her. I literally have nothing negative to say about her." Zero negativity is literally not a thing. If he did show up "vulontarily" in great shape weighing about 325, 330, it would be extremely positive. My goodness Jets management fans.
  4. Can we stop the run? If we can we have a good shot. If we can't we likely lose twice.
  5. Nice use of nuanced sarcasm. Kudos to MykePM
  6. Can my Monkey get Monkey Pox from people?
  7. He used the term deemed innocent. Presumption isn't deemed. No court deeems anyone innocent. You either are or your not. Basic Maranda rights aren't in the Constitution. They became law of the land in 1966 and have been under attack ever since. What it means is these rights are established by precedent and can be changed in the blink of an eye. A fundemental principle isn't the same thing as a Constitutional right that guaranteed. Fundamental principles that aren't guaranteed in the Constitution can and do go away.
  8. No doubt but I'm sure if they got a sweetheart deal from a NY venue they would end up doing just fine. These stadiums have a shorter and shorter shelf life when the venue itself is an attraction to create revenue. The Meadowlands compared to some of the new stadiums is already an outdated dump.
  9. Spot on. I like the idea of silence for a lot of reason. Silence isn't just about the best revenge it is. Silence isn't doing nothing. When you want to scream being silent takes consious effort. I think deeper down this is really about trauma. It takes time to heal from trauma. The question is what's the best course of treatment to heal yourself and get healthy. I think being silent is a part of it because just forcing yourself not to react creates muscle memory which helps you heal. I also think consiously moving forward with good living habits, excersise, diet, going out even if you don't feel like doing any of it ultimately makes you stronger which is good for your head. I love being married and I also know it's a huge trauma to lose your partner. It changes everything. Ultimately it takes two to make it work and it really doesn't matter who wants out. You simply have to move on, figure out how to deal with the pain and as it retreats get back into rythem that makes you happy. You don't have to forget the past you just have to stop living in it.
  10. They do own the stadium. They set up a seperate corporation owned 50% by each team to build and run the stadium. The land is leased for 25 years with 5 year renewals up to 97 years. Either team can give notice and get out and the other team is required to stay until the lease ends. I can't see the Giants moving because they planted their flag in NJ. I could see the Jets trying to get back to NYC if Woody can get a sweatheart deal for a new stadium in the City. This would be a great move and make the Giants a 2nd class citizen in the NY area.
  11. The more I think about this. New York was really discovered by the Dutch and it was called New Amersterdam. After depossing Peter Stuyvesant who was the Dutch governor at the time, the English immediately took over the signage business and painted over Amesterdam with York in tribute to the Duke of York. If you're going to sue. They should ask both the Jets and Giants to incorporate Redskins in their name. They were the rightful owners of the entire area that encompases all of the 5 boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk county along with most of Northern and central NJ.
  12. It is no where to be found in the Constitution. It is implied by Judicial interpretation which of course can change. You are guilty if you are guilty, regardless of your rights at a moment in time under the criminal Justice system. Innocent people are found guilty and guilty people are found not guilty on a regular basis even in the good old USA.
  13. The Jets are adding a midwife to the coaching roster.
  14. Rodger Goodell, Sponsored by Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings, FanDuel, Fox Bet, MGM, PointsBet and WynnBet the Official NFL Gambling sponsors, works for the owners. Last time I looked the Cleveland Browns had an owner.
  15. I hate that an attorney like Buzbee can take these allegations publicly. DA's prosecuting criminals do this all the time and in this case Buzzbee is effectively the prosecutor representing the victims. It's a sad commentary on our legal system. Unlike most young black men and most young white men. Watson has the financial ability to defend himself. He also has the backing of the Clevelan Browns owner and the NFL who want this to go away as fast as possible. Economics means a lot more than race in these casses. I think your comment ignores the victimization of young black men who don't have the financial ability to take on the system when they are innocent. It also does a disservice to the millions of women who having been violated and lost some sense of personal control over their bodies who again are exploited by the criminal Justice system and ultimately turn to a guy like Buzzbee. At least Buzzbee, as exploitive as he is, is standing up for them and if they were damaged will get them some monetary compensation. Watson is perfectly capable of defending himself having zero to do with his behavior, innocence or guilt. He's done a good job shooting himself out of Houston and getting compensated for doing it.
  16. Get well soon and don't screw around if you feel terrible go to the emergency before you think you should.
  17. In the current structure of the NFL the 31st best team could win between 4 and 10 games.
  18. The Justice system Charges or doesn't finds guilt or not guilty. The Justice system doesn't comment on innocence.
  19. Not guilty isn't the same thing as innocent. People who have committed crimes who aren't convicted aren't innocent. They are not guilty. People who haven't committed crimes are innocent. In Watson's case while he hasn't been charged with a crime there are still going to be cases that may be litigated and there might even be future criminal charges in other venues. TBD... OJ was not guilty. He was not innocent. He lost in a civil action and in the court of public opinion. Our system is designed to allow people to sue for damages from harm. That's part of the system. In the case of NFL players the system has a clause in contracts regarding behavior detrimental to the league. That's part of the sytem also. As far as harm to Watson's reputation. Lets examine that. Our system monetizes damages. Since the alegations Watson signed a 230 million dollar guaranteed contract from the Browns. He also made it clear he wanted out from Houston before any allegations and he had a choice where he could go. Watson not only hasn't been damaged by the alegations, he has profited from them. He is out of Houston, got traded to a team he wanted to go to and signed a 230 million dollar guaranteed contract from the Browns. Granted he might not be on the Wheeties cover any time soon but it's hard to say he's been damaged or tarnished by these alegations when you consider how he has been able to shoot his way out of Houston and get a new contract. No question people who are in the public eye can and will be victimized. They deserve protection and they generally are able to get it. They can afford good representation along with investigations. Watson is also backed up by the ownership of the Cleveland Browns and the NFL both who benifit from elite QB play. They have deep pockets and can afford lawyers, investigators and public relations. The idea that Watson is a victim when he has gotten everything he wanted is bat sh*t crazy.
  20. Lets hope once Zach goes through puberty only his voice changes.
  21. Not only should you take your lawyers advice, you should stay out of the settlement negotiations and let them negotiate it. Get it over and move on. Life is short and your pain and desire for revenge and a sense of equity is a complete waste of time. Your marriage is over. It’s your choice on how you want to live and enjoy the rest o your life. A couple of bucks either way is meaningless.
  22. At least he knows he needs an edit button.
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