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  1. I'm no fan of Schotty, but with the way Sanchez has played this year he's really in an impossible position. The running game has been very good this year but it's not the type of running game where you can just feed Jones the ball all game and still move the ball on offense. There are way too many 0 yard and negative runs. He obviously can't let Sanchez loose throwing to open up the run either. I don't know how any one can say that Sanchez played well today either. I guess we've gotten to the point where the lack of glaring negatives is somehow seen as a positive. I can't really say he played badly either, since he did absolutely nothing. Looked a lot like the Kellen Clemens gameplan against the Bucs to me. So I guess as an offensive coordinator I have no problem with the game he called today, although there's no chance of the Jets beating a good team with that type of game plan. As far as the development of Sanchez and his regression though, there's plenty of reasons to send this clown packing after the season.
  2. You read way too much into these things. I just don't like you.
  3. It could be that, or just that no one cared when you got the boot.
  4. Irony: Calling someone else immature because you're still steaming about a banning on an internet message board a year ago.
  5. You made such a compelling case too. I think the lynchpin of your argument was that he wore jewelery and a fur coat.
  6. I remember SouthernJet. He's the one that couldn't control himself enough to stop posting racist tirades about John Abrahams "thug life" and after he got the axe his vile spawn freaked out and got himself banned too.
  7. It really depends how things go. If they Jets lose this week behind a bad Chad performance(I think he should play reasonably well) and then start Clemens and lose the last 2, I'm not going to blame Mangini for the team "collapsing".
  8. Oh lord. Do yourselves a favor and end this kid now.
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