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    wow, hard to narrow it down, any big play by Wayne Chrebet I guess.
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    Doug effing Brien, need I say more?
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  1. Considering he plays in the box quite a bit as the safety/linebacker hybrid, this stat does not surprise me.
  2. Not sure the sarcasm is warranted here but go crazy! Nyways, glad to see Leonhard in shape and ready to roll, our pass defense is much better with him in there. The dude is a gamer.
  3. Eh, he gets results and is a helluva leader, he's welcome on my team every day of the week.
  4. This board hates white safeties.... There, I said it.
  5. I can't believe it's not butter! Or that you though Nugent was a good kicker....now THAT was a leap of faith
  6. Isn't that kind of...I dunno....stupid?
  7. Did I miss something? This is an NFL related post in an NFL forum....what exactly is the problem? Just because it's blackout?
  8. How about **** the Jets? I mean all they are doing is winning a game they aren't even supposed to be in, why don't we go all the way hate the entire ****ing team.
  9. Can the negative **** already. The JETS are winning, they get the ball back, Rex will make the needed adjustments. Settle, the Jets are in a great spot.
  10. Feely is a helluva kicker, saying **** him when I'm sure we'll need him is stupid as hell.
  11. C'mon people, you are letting one touchdown get to you. The Jets are winning right now, not the Colts, act like it!
  12. Second, Rodgers takes heat for no good reason. He's a damn good QB.
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