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  1. I bet she could, too. I bet she could knock those fruity braids right off his head.
  2. What evidence do I need? One side disputed the rumored contract offer, which is Leon. The other side - the Jets - never went on record to support or deny the rumored contract offer. I don't need evidence to support that, because it's an argument that a dog could comprehend. Your entire argument is hanging on the idea that one anonymous source provided by Cimini, king of the slow news-day anonymous sources, which was echoed throughout the internet without any shred of confirmation or credibility, is in fact accurate. Yet you seem to think that a crowd of sources reported the contract offer. And when I ask you to provide more than one, you ask me what links I have provided. How stupid are you?
  3. Leon's obviously not the only reason, but when the least vocal of your players coming up for contract is the one that broaches the subject of seeing a teammate get a really scary injury without the security of a long term deal to protect him, you know that is lingering in their minds every time they take even the practice field. The 'promises' and slapped in the face' stuff are straight out of the Ty Law Public Contract Negotiation handbook.
  4. Hahaha, you've become a pretty good shill for the Jets. Never would have guessed.
  5. It's really hard to take this post seriously.
  6. I remember one media source saying a 'source' said the deal was offered and, as is pretty common these days, a zillion other media sources reporting it and specifically referencing that one media source. Can you find more than one source for the 5mil offer that Leon supposedly got?
  7. 'Sources'. Right. 'Sources' also told Adam Schefter that they expected the NFL to punish Braylon Edwards. Leon disputed the 5mil number, and the Jets never went on the record about it. The Jets like to feed anonymous crap to the media to ferret out their media leaks. Kind of like when a 'source' reported that Revis wanted 20mil per year.
  8. Are you under the impression that Leon was offered 5mil/year by the Jets FO? If you are, I think they have some PSLs to sell you. 50 yard line. It's an investment.
  9. David Harris was the first one to admit that what happened to Leon was a huge factor - about a month ago in a NYDN. He hasn't been the one going to the press to negotiate a contract. He hasn't really even spoken much about his contract situation. But he talked about Leon. Rationalize it all you want, but what happened to Leon was a wake-up call about the Jets FO to a lot of players with impending contract negotiations.
  10. Something is coming. A force so powerful that it will wear white-framed sunglasses and bang Tony Soprano's daughter. Hide your hot dogs.
  11. This time last season Kerry Rhodes was acting as an extra in a Lady Gaga video. Then when the season came upon us it turned out that not only did Kerry not know the new defense, he didn't want to know. Now he is learning a new defense again. Where there's smoke, there's fire.
  12. Would it be hard for him to replace you?
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