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  1. You crack me up man. You bring some pithy comments to the discussion. Anyway, I will leave the political discussion alone. I don't sweat the petty stuff. Peace out.
  2. I though The Lounge (forum) is a forum to discuss all Off Topic items.
  3. I suggest you set an example for others to follow
  4. I for one am very thankful to Jet Nation for allowing us to come here and post while TGG.com was down. I will continue to post here as well as other posters from the TGG.com and respect the rules of the JN. Regarding political threads, I noticed that the mod don
  5. come on MM, that's a bit cold around the heart don't you think?
  6. My 2 cents... I'm sure it was just an oversight, let's not get all bunged up boys. Peace out.
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