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  1. Why do some countries have multiple teams?
  2. Dino i know its all your fault you and that damm gary colemen !
  3. Agree 100% and if mangini thinks chads arm is shot (which it is) he wants a new qb and some other key positions , rb, center, G, where he can spend the money he wants on the players he wants , chad was herms boy .
  4. HAY LOOK ITS THE TOSS SALAD MAN ! look this is 51pa , hi my names chip your my friend.. right steven ?
  5. Kevin is one of the best centers to ever play the game.They are looking for fresh meat thats why there cuting the pay.
  6. These are what we call the "rebuilding years" IMO with them asking Chadwick to restructure his contract is a sign that there looking to spend big money on a top draft pick. I hope the jets take a qb , I don
  7. ok who got some a$$ last night ?
  8. when we get back its on ... its on like donkey kong beitch !
  9. It all was a plot by 17a because he knew i would beat him in the B.S bowl !
  10. Come to think of it i talk to you guys more then i do my own family lmao !
  11. The whole gang is here. You guys are like my online family .The diffrence betweem a online family and a reg family is you dont have to buy them presents for Bdays or holidays.Any when they start to bother you all you have to do is get off the web site lol
  12. I was always fond of pubert, nester, ace and biff
  13. ^ drives around his 1985 fierro blasting its raining men
  14. Listen here Ace its over when eyedea sez its over....
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