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  1. Yeah I heard it, she sounds hot & wacky too..
  2. can you call someone an ass in here??
  3. Ate a mushroom turned into Bali Didn't look it just jumped down my throat I was starting to die until I Took a trip to Bali Their eyes are God In a glass full of jelly It's Bali in my eyes My skin turned the color of the earth I felt like a tree People asked my name the next day They remembered who I was I took off my shoes And my feet they took root I've got Bali in my eyes Their eyes are God In a glass full of jelly It's Bali in my eyes When I opened up my eyes first thing Early light in Bali What a day it's gonna be I think It looks good already So hold me close before All the doors start knocking! Is Bali in my eyes Not quite Janes Addiction but close enough..
  4. I think if Cutler or Leinart are available at 4 we are taking a QB. Not sure we'd draft Young at 4. Unless both Leinart and Cutler are gone at 4, I think we are going Qb first round. And we should, being that we don't have a QB for next year let alone the future..
  5. We might have to try basketball first, you may not have enough guys for a softball team..
  6. They'll do individual pro day workouts which are more important than the combines..
  7. Vision

    Saw II

    Did you? Cause I did hear that but I did a google search and haven't found anything on it. So I may be wrong, I hope I am cause I'd love to see a Saw III.
  8. Vision

    Saw II

    They were but the director/writer died while writing #3. They'll still come out with 3 but it won't be nearly as good..
  9. I don't think it means they are nessasarily hiding something. Just that they have nothing to gain from the combines, they could only lose. Especially in the case of Leinart who is the #1 rated QB, there is nowhere to go but down. I'm surprised by Young's no show, I'm not so sure he has a stong hold on the #2 QB ranking. A strong showing by Cutler which is expected and he is gonna zoom past Young on many draft boards..
  10. Vision

    Saw II

    It came out on DVD yesterday..
  11. Vision

    Saw II

    Anyone see it??? I finally saw it last night. Real good film, as good if not better than the first. Which is very rare for a sequel to be as good as the original. Its to bad the writer/director died, they'll put out the last one but it won't be nearly as good..
  12. Noone makes me laugh more tha you, thats for sure..
  13. ah 51 Pa.. You still don't get the whole "salad" joke do ya??
  14. I've been hanging over at insider since the great crash of TGG. Besides the cool ass smilies over here, this site just has a better vibe than insider.
  15. I feel like I lost my best friend..
  16. So this is where everyone has been hanging since the great crash of TGG. I'll tell you, I haven't realized how bored I actually am at work without TGG. This has been a rough week..
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