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  1. morgan scores, but it's going to extra time
  2. what happens in the mod room stays in the mod room
  3. Max, it says you can't receive messages not sure if you fixed this already, but I believe I bet 4000 on the brewers
  4. Lurker


    women's world cup final is on july 17, sunday
  5. it could be that I had part of the bet on st. louis and that you didn't have the whole 25k no way for me to find out because the new system doesn't allow seeing your bets
  6. no idea I just was looking through old posts and saw that old Smizzy thread. Pretty funny.
  7. Tigers still have a shot. C'mon Tigers!
  8. small stake on under, please!
  9. no vbookie event was posted oh well
  10. works for me thanks for posting so many events, Nick
  11. Haywood may not play tonight
  12. Where are the soccer fans? Final is tomorrow at 2:45 at Wembley Stadium. Barcelona vs. Manchester United.
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