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  1. I'll take OKC, even with the fact that Dallas is rested and OKC is not.
  2. Max locking out JN posters. This should also be on the news.
  3. gotta try the Mets here, even against ace Kershaw
  4. hmmm uncle mo was the only horse this year I heard about constantly stuff about uncle mo for some reason
  5. all members of the circlejerk have to undergo initiation. Did you forget that step?
  6. a JI thread always serves to get the juices flowing again
  7. I don't go to Vegas. I have online accounts where I bet. Easier that way.
  8. so when do we start anew?
  9. even when I don't win, I'm always close
  10. I had no idea yesterday was the last day.
  11. of course it's a different environment but did you see all the shots that just wouldn't go down? if it hit the rim it basically wasn't going in did you hear them say "shooter's roll" or "shooter's touch" as they are wont to say in a normal game? Nope, because there was no such thing in Houston Monday night.
  12. the rims are messed up man butler shot like 15% from the field and uconn like 35%
  13. I actually would've bet that one. I picked UConn and Butler to meet in the finals on Thursday, but I'm not on Saturday until the night time. Too bad.
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