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  1. whole field already out aside from Marquette
  2. have to take a shot with ottawa at this price
  3. agreed. the current vbookie is very bare bones. I hope we eventually get back the old features
  4. Taking a shot with Utah here.
  5. Taking longshots Villanova (as part of field) and Cincinnati.
  6. lots of vig here. tread carefully
  7. no. it's one of the things hopefully that will get fixed
  8. like unc would've liked to bet more
  9. the real question was how they played them even for so long it was tied at 73 and then it was 80-78 Boston
  10. they didn't cover after having it tied in the third wow
  11. I didn't bet here (or if I did I only bet 100, not sure) because I liked the Wildcats but the line moved to 6.5, so I wasn't going to take them +4.5
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