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  1. oh, didn't realize. Should've gone all in.
  2. taking a shot with the Islanders
  3. pro bowl is bad normally, but whew biggest blowout ever?
  4. it's hurricanes carolina panthers is nfl
  5. taking a shot with the Devils here.
  6. like devils, got here too late
  7. we were robbed! regulation ended tied (what should decide the spread) but Suns won by 9 in OT
  8. Lurker


    children's bicycles?
  9. that's quite a comeback in the first one, and Joe McKnight scoring two TDs?
  10. do I get a vcash prize or something? I PMed Max but didn't get an answer.
  11. don't bet on either side here but especially not vancouver line is a mistake. way worse than it should be
  12. yeah it seemed like it wasn't accounting for the fact that LA has started playing a lot better the last few games. Knicks aren't close to the Lakers, so in LA, the line should be like 8. In NY, I'd say maybe Lakers by 1 or so.
  13. line was 7.5 to 8.5, depending on the book. Boston College covered. they have no offense but they have a good defense and they stopped Nevada again and again.
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