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  1. I was thinking Lakers because the line seemed low, but I never got around to betting them.
  2. Lurker


    I meant whether we'll be able to save high scores anytime soon
  3. I'd advise not betting Rangers here.
  4. Lurker


    any updates on the arcade status?
  5. I am. I won 3,000 on the Islanders this week.
  6. damn close game but minnesota wins with a very lucky goal, 2-1 http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/gametracker/recap/NHL_20110104_MIN@NJ
  7. thank you, thank you thanks for scoring it
  8. liking islanders because line is too high
  9. cute girl, cuter when she's not singing annoying hippy guy
  10. too bad. I would've won huge. I bet Seattle and under with whatever I had left.
  11. uh, because these were the odds before week 17 odds now would be different, obviously
  12. seriously every football fan has it coming out of their eyes and ears bowl games, nfl games, played like 15 times a game. I watch football every day, so it's really getting nuts.
  13. me. My account is empty because it's all pending on stuff I bet this afternoon.
  14. wish bets were paid out so I could bet
  15. damn Rivers. I knew I was taking a Charger, and I considered Mathews, but I considered the QB to be a safer pick to get TDs
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