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  1. Miami losing would have knocked a whole bunch of people out of the Elimination Pool I'm in. Too bad Cleveland choked, the bastards..
  2. Thank you Tigers for making my winter a little more tolerable....
  3. Z's leading the team in HR per at bats this year. Guess that should sum up our offense this year...
  4. Illinois. Should be an interesting year. If the young kids progress and Jamar Smith takes the step up he can be just as good if not better than Luther Head was with us. They wont match what they did the last 2 years but I think they can be a solid team while they wait for #1 recruit Eric Gordon, as long as he doesnt de-commit..
  5. I'm not sure I want Girardi managing the Cubs. ANything is better than Dusty and he's done a great a job so far with Florida but I don't know if he fits...
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