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  1. Nice, I cleaned up on this one!
  2. And you've got over 8000 in 2 years. I'd venture to guess that not one of those posts is worth reading a 2nd time over. Are you really that immature to base someone's "worth" to the board based soley upon their post-count? JN didn't strike me as the sort of place where everything revolved around post-count. Why so defensive of the resident clown? That's not you in the picture is it? If you're going to insult me, you've got to wake up earlier in the morning and try much, much harder.
  3. How exactly is my profession relevant to this conversation, kid?
  4. You posted the same meaningless banter that you've posted under a multitude of other screen names. I never understood, where's the joy in coming to a site, posting nonsense, making an ass out of yourself and then getting banned, over and over?
  5. Saying Amy Winehouse is a "tiny bit off track" is like saying that Boy George is just "a little gay."
  6. Terrible show. I was waiting for the following questions to be asked so as to jazz up the show a bit: 1) When you go to the proctologist for your annual visit, do you leave with a smile? 2) If you had to chose between saving someone's life or being handed a sack containing $1,000,000 in cash, would you take the money? 3) Are you a Milf?
  7. She's going to outlive us all. I don't think that I'm going off on a limb here when I say that nobody in their right mind would tap it...
  8. That's right. Until the rest of you can do better than inviting me in a clam for 2 on the Nemo ride at Epcot, you can't even be in the same class as GM.
  9. Thanks Willy. I am starting to like it here, but what is that godawful smell?
  10. I need to get a better feel for this "Lounge" area... Who are the troublemakers? Who's the one that's too smart for their own good? Who's the "special" one in the group? Does anyone in this forum post pictures of themselves holding small animals as they flex their raging bicep muscles, all in an attempt to add "street cred" to their internet persona?
  11. Just thought that I would say hello and introduce myself. I joined the site a while back but can't recall what my glorious 8 posts were about- probably not much of anything. I've been around TGG since '03 and really enjoy the company of the folks over there. Anyhow, looking forward to stepping up my game over here and getting a better feel for the place. Dr. to Koz- "Why don't you start by introducing yourself?" Koz to Group- "Hello, I'm Koz, and I'm a Jets fan..."
  12. Check the wire today, somehow they are going to find the room to franchise our disgruntled DE. Let's see how this one pans out. I am all for a first rounder, just don't think its very likely, but stranger things have happened right?
  13. Sorry but I think it's flawed right from the onset. I don't see ANYONE giving up a 1st for Abe, and think that we'll be lucky if we get a 2nd. Teams know that our sack is being twisted in a bad way, as we can't afford to sign Abe long term since his # will be pretty much impossible to fit under the cap. Teams will be cautious about ponying up a first round pick on a "me first" player who has had only one complete season without injuries, a player who has his best "big" games, against opposing teams with inferior lines and crappy records. As much as I'd like to land a mid round fi
  14. Koz

    New to JN

    Oh crap is this my arch rival otherwise known as Dcook?
  15. well in all fairness to the guy, he isn't a complete horses ass like Irvin or Dion, so it might not be half bad. The one guy with a very bright future in broadcasting in the coming years is Tiki...From what I've seen, he already does some work on the side for the local affiliates, plus he's got a pretty high likability factor. Word also has it that the networks are all vying for ad space on Tiki's collosal noggin..
  16. I just spoke with Petro, his cat peed on the keyboard and the site is partially down again. Something about not being fully migrated over to the new server, so for those of you who can't get in, myself included, patience is a virtue.
  17. Koz

    New to JN

    Thanks to all for the warm invite to JETNATION. It's great to see some new and old faces...Give me a week before I start doing some re-decorating.
  18. Koz

    New to JN

    Hey Jets Fans- I am a longtime poster on TGG and couldn't help but notice the way everyone was really complimenting the admins and posters of this site, while our site was down. You can never get enough good Jets talk and info, so I decided to see for myself and join. Here's to a promising (and interesting) offseason- we have alot of key moves to make before you can convince me that this team has a legitimate shot of breaking .500, but I am very willing to give the Great Mangini and his team the time they need to put the right personnel on the field, and this will surely not
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