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  1. Rivers freakin sucks! What the flyin freakin frisbees are you talking about? LMAO!
  2. I didn't like the pick then, and I like it even less now. I knew he would need some time to adjust to the NFL, but he hasn't improved from day 1 as far as I can tell. He wasn't good with Kendall next to him, and he hasn't been good this year. He has played to the level of a third round draft pick. He seems to lack any meaness, that competitive spirit that makes average football players good ones. He isn't Robert Gallery, but he isn't far behind him either.
  3. Actually.... I do think this could be a major upset in the making. The Pats going in wanting to run it up, in a blizzard, and the Jets knowing they could save the season with a win. No, I don't think the Jets will win, but I do think it has some needed ingredients for a monumental upset. It would be the NFL game of the year if the Jets win.... and I think the Jets players know that. Aw, who am I kiddin?
  4. I used to get annoyed when people said Jets fans are the worst fans in the NFL. Now, I agree with that opinion.
  5. LMAO! The season was over, and we went with the young unpolished QB against one of the top five teams in the NFL (a weel after knocking off a team that many thought was the only one who had a prayer of beating the Pats) and it's all death and morbidity. Get used to it. If he develops faster than most young QB's, KC will be an average QB NEXT year. Look at V Young this year, in his second year. Cutler is still learning. For such an inexperienced QB, the short prep week is more detrimental than it is for an established QB. Crap, I knew Dallas would kick our ass playing at home. To think otherwise is pure delusional thinking. Jets fans make me laugh. More tempermental than a woman in menopause.
  6. Actually, as it usually is in these sort of disputes, both sides are guilty. This is very similar to the whole YES network dispute. As is always the case, the bottom line is money. The NFL Network wants it's channel as part of Cablevisions basic sports package (BSP) for several reasons. 1. They (The NFL), sell air time to national sponsors. The more households that can get the channel increases advertising revenue as well as increasing PR exposure for the NFL. 2. Being part of the BSP means that subscriber revenue can be accurately projected by the NFL. Being part of a premium package makes revenues less than predictable and reduces the number of homes the channel will be provided to. Cablevision: 1. Their public position is that they don't want to increase the price of their BSP for subscribers that don't want it. That is horse manure. They are much more concerned about their base package pricing going up a dollar or two vs. their competition like Direct TV and Verizon. 2. Cablevision is being hurt seriously by Verizon FiOS. However, since the Dolans own MSG, Verizon can never get the MSG network. So, as of now, it's MSG vs. NFL Network. In the NY area, the Dolans figure that MSG will draw more sports fans than the NFLN will. The YES network thing was about the Yankees in NY. Cablevision got their arms twisted until they caved in. The NFLN doesn't have as much pressure as the YES network had in this local region. It's all about two entities trying to make as much money as possible, and they will both use whatever market pressures they can bring to bear upon one another. The fan, as usual, doesn't even enter into the equation , it's the number of subscribers won or lost that counts. In the very long term, TV will all eventually become pay per view. In the interim, these sort of disputes will lay the grounwork for that ultimate end.
  7. Sorry, but I think Jets fans as a whole are the worst fans in the NFL.... maybe any sport, short of Ranger fans back in the 80's. From booing Pennington, to selling out the stadium to Steeler fans, and now this. Having said that, I can't really blame those who sold their tix to Pitt fans.... who wants to go thru this sort of nonsense? Low life low class. I feel for those people that are decent human beings and just want to watch their team in their own staduim without this sort of nonsense. I used to love going to games, but it's gotten progressively worse over the decades. I'm still a Jets fan, but I won't rub elbows for 400 bucks with these idiots at the stadium. This franchise still has plenty of hard core, loyal dedicated fans, but the percentage of complete *******s has gone up exponentially over the past 5+ years. Bottom line, it isn't even safe to go to games anymore, nevermind being put off by a bunch of cursing loud mouth alchy's that are looking for a fight. Jets fans are getting more and more like these so called soccer hooligans in the UK. The Meadowlands need to beef up security and come down hard on these jerks. This sure has been tough year to call myself a Jets fan without being embarrassed by that fact.
  8. I think I made my thoughts on the CS pretty clear in that thread I started, but I still have respect for him, both as a coach and as a man. In comparison, Herm was a liar who always talked about honesty. He neither deserved my respect, nor did he get it. I knew Mangini and Tanny would make mistakes. I expected them to fall off the wall and break this year, although I did think, and still do think they can put the pieces back together again, unlike that famous egg that took a nose dive. I reserve name calling for people I find rather dispicable, as opposed to those who have simply stumbled, and I think this is the case with Mangini. I guess I thought you would be of a similar mindset....
  9. Jetcane, I've met you, and you are a top shelf guy.... but I have to ask, why stoop to calling Mangini Mangina? Just doesn't fit my impression of you, just sayin....
  10. I don't think I did a 180 at all. Evaluating any HC is a dynamic, not a stagnant thing. There is a corelation between good coaching, bad coaching, and winning and losing. To critisize Mangini now isn't a knee jerk to the W-L record, it is watching how this team has progressed, or in this case, regressed. I am certianly not proposing that Mangini be replaced at all... in fact I asked if he would progress himself, and remedy the mistakes he has so far made. What concerns me most is that unlike last year, his approach has gotten more rigid, less flexable, less adaptable. I don't see him making any attempt to fix how poorly the D has played in this scheme. I saw a lot of 4-3 in TC this year, and then it vanished. Haynes was the best PURE pass rusher in TC this year, but he got cut, and the team has no pass rush. I do think Haynes would have helped this team as a situational pass rush specialist. I think he got cut because he doesn't fit Mangini's inflexable player evaluation system. He just wasn't versatile enough. Now, we have a bunch of versatile players on defense that do everything at an average level, but other than Harris, and Rhodes, none that is outstanding at any particular aspect of the game. Generalists are fine, but having some specialists is something every team needs. Freeney is a specialist... would he make a Mangini roster? Specialists are players that can turn a game around, and we don't have any, with the notable exception of Leon as a return man. I don't want to see Mangini replaced, but I want to see him, in one of his own favorite words, show progress. I haven't seen him progress. Why is Harris so good so far? He ATTACKS, he doesn't defend. Rhodes was much more effective last year when he was blitzing more often too. As far as the critisism of my critisism of Ferguson, I did qualify my statement... based on being a #4 overall draft pick, he is a bust. He is playing much more like a third rounder than an overall #4 blue chipper. Now, he is even whiffing on downfield blocks that he was so good at last year. He has been a disappointment so far, at least as far as I am concerned. The weaknesses on this team are glaring, and have not been addressed. A NT, a pass rusher, and a bunch of JAGS on the offensive line. Same problems we had last year, but worse. Never got addressed. When you have that many holes, trading away draft picks to move up is never a good idea. Look, we all knew we weren't gong to be a playoff team this year, but we are once again in the trash at the bottom of the NFL, and I expected better than that.
  11. They are SOME of the same complaints.... while I think the offensive play calling could use some of the risk taking that Schotty used last year, the offense in still not anywhere as predictable as it was under Herm. True, Herm was stuck in the cover who, and this defense shows little flexability now too. But the problems are alarmingly similar.... ignoring the O line in the draft, a reluctance to change QB's when everyone in the world knew it was past time, but at least Mangini isn't a liar. It's very difficult to lie when you don't say anything. But I don't find it funny at all.... I find you kinda funny though.
  12. Clemens showed me what I wanted to see. He put the team in a position to win, made some plays, showed his mobility, demonstrated how his arm strength makes him a better QB for this team, right now, over Chad (and I am a big Pennington fan). The two Smith drops, the Cotchery drop, the pass just above his knees should have been caught, and those two Ferguson penalties.... add em up=loss. That is as far as the offense goes. I refuse to blame Cotch for that big fumble, he got rocked. That sort of thing will happen when a WR gets sandwiched like that. I don't want to hear about why Clemens didn't throw deep. This O line can't hold blocks long enough to let deep routes develop, and that includes Ferguson, who is at this point, a bust in my opinion based on his draft slot and supposed rep as a great pass blocker. How does a team give up 300 yards rushing and only 23 points? The biggest problem with this team is the defense. As I watch these games, I know, I mean KNOW that the 3rd and seven will result in a first down. I KNOW that the third and ine will be converted. I KNEW that the 2 point conversion was the turning point of the game, and I KNEW we would not stop it. That is how predicatble this defense is. It isn't just the NT spot, both Coleman and Ellis have been awful in run defense. Thomas and Hobson tackle like a couple of Mary's. Thomas has a nice speed rush, but ONLY in a straight line. The guy can't turn AT ALL. This D line made Kendall look like a good LG. He isn't. Harris is the ONLY guy in the front seven that attacks. The rest of these scrubs are backing off the line of scrimmage, even BEFORE the snap. Watch the game again.... Barton is walking backwards before every snap, and he's five yards off the line of scrimmage, and going backwards before the play even starts. Thomas uses his hands like a parapalegic. (sp) He actually LETS the TE hold him. I'd run on Thomas' side all day long if I were game planning the Jets. Freakin Robertson..... he gets pushed back so far, he's turned into an offensive guard for the offense, just getting in the way of the ILB's who are trying to make a tackle. Lastly, Mangini, despite his BS talk about being versatile is the exact opposite. He does NOTHING to adapt his schemes to the talents of the players he has on defense. He has a bunch of square pegs, and only round holes on his little game planning play board. In short, Mangini has really disappointed me this year, he is a stubborn my way or the highway guy, but he doesn't seem to have a roadmap. The Tangini's started me to worry when they ignored the O line in the draft last year. Will they get any smarter this year? After this debacle? I have my doubts.... they seem very inflexable to me, and unwilling to correct their own mistakes. Well, my rant is over.... I've taken a break from Jets MB's for a month or so, but fire away.... I'm used to abuse, I'm a Jets fan.
  13. I'm stickin with this one.... a Thunderbird Jet crashing on the runway. Seems right.
  14. D'Brick is playing like a #25 LT draft pick, in my opinion. He does not have the whole package to measure up to having been a #4. So, how one defines a bust is what I think this debate is all about. I thought then, as I think now, that he was over rated. The scouting reports on him were very accurate. Has a lack of strength, has trouble keeping wieght on, has trouble with the bull rush, is not an effective run blocker, is very fast, great against speed rushers and can pull and block in space exceptionally well. In the words of Dennis Green, "He (they) are who we thought he (they) was!" Maybe we should just crown his arse! He just isn't that good, and I don't believe he ever will be. He'll be a servicable LT. Good enough. Not pro bowl material. The knee jerk comparison is Gallery, but Brick can at least play in the NFL at LT, while Gallery could not. Gallery is a true bust, while D'Brick is in the "disappointment" category.
  15. I have really taken a step back from being active on mesage boards... Jets boards, FF boards.... and the lack of responses in this thread is indicative of the reasons why. Westhoff is an admirable man, a warrior, and a great story. So.... No trolls are about to come in and say he sucks, or that another poster is an idiot, there isn't anything to attack here. Just a great article about a man who's real life greatness will never be given the recognition and attention it deserves. Why do the beat reporters write BS trash, why do the talk show hosts ignore such great stories, about great football men? That isn't what people want. People want insults, stupidity, controversy. National Enquirer stuff. NY Post "editorial" articles.... brainless, worthless drivel. People prefer reading (and writing) about how Pennington sucks, how Belichick cheated, and calling the Jets HC Mangina. Real intellectual stuff, ya know. Geeze, I'd a'thought I'd be in a better mood after a win, but this was the only thread I thought was worth a post, and even I pissed on it. I need a beer, me thinks.
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