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  1. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    They are so infuriating. Late half and endgame defense pisses me off too. Tactically, at least. We should just let them run it up the field for TD and get the ball back. Team with the ball last always seems to win--if they have a QB
  2. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    True. I just think we will have no success playing close to the vest. We need to try and attack. Our best tool of attack is Sam rolling out and making time to find some targets--IMHO
  3. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    You dont get sacked on 4th down and you don't ground it. Either run or try to stick it in there. And it was a tip, not a straight INT
  4. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    I ws more disappointed int he game planning. I would have preferred more risk. I am not worried about a few mistakes. I wanted to see him roll a bit more.
  5. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    the game plan last night told me that the Jets are terrified of their OLine
  6. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    The inevitable dumbass illegal procedure penalty that the Jets ALWAYS get late in a drive ruined the first scoring chance.
  7. jack48

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    Very good. Gotta push it on 4th down. and it was a tip drill INT. Not the same as a flat bad throw. TB looks good. Took a few hits, too. OLine sucks big time. Macc has to dig up a few late cuts vets for the line. Preferably ones being cut for salary relief.
  8. I don't get playing a team a day after you complete 3 practices against them or whatever.
  9. I once heard someone say that Chris Berman looks like he sweats gravy. I have never forgotten that and t was a long time ago
  10. Priceless. I wonder if Skip could be talked into putting his dick in a blender?
  11. Small minds. But I love the fact that Bayless prefers Mayfield. Bayless is a certifiable idiot. I actually dont know who Will Cain is. I have not watched ESPN in years.
  12. jack48

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    I was stunned they signed Keenum to start. He is a bit of a rag arm. Last year was clearly an aberration. But whatever....
  13. Absolutely lucky. I credit Macc for trading to 3 and giving us a shot at one young QB. But Darnold was a gift from the gods.
  14. I think you are always better off with the better QB. And soon Darnold will be the better QB, with more tools than Cousins as well.