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    I am extremely narrow-minded, petty and vindictive
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    upstate NY-not near Buffalo, thank God
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    SB III
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    When Rich Kotite got hired.
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    I just cannot make up my mind
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    More or less
  1. As long as we have a boob coach, I doubt we can bring a young guy in here.
  2. looked like he had about two plays designed for him from what I saw. Very raw.
  3. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Mo is in his "Avoiding Injury Since I Will Never Get Big Bucks Again" phase, which overlaps with his "I Can Now Eat All the Donuts I Want" phase.
  4. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Imagine "wishing" to be emasculated. Brrrrr......
  5. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    love them shorts
  6. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Johnsonism. Just like the Mets are constant victims of Wilponism. Some owners are invisible. Some are ineffectual. Some are just a disaster. I consider the Johnsons a cross between ineffectual and disaster. Wilpons are a disaster.
  7. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Jets are just as clueless about Blowes as they were when they re signed Mo.
  8. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    The thing that gets me is that despite his obvious talent, this guy has always been a no-show on a lot of plays and jet fans refused to acknowledge it until the last two years.
  9. I just cannot see some team(s) really wanting him, where they might trade because they do not think they can get him on the open market. He is that much of a dog.
  10. the whole world, including the Far East, knows that he is gone
  11. to prevent us from using them?
  12. Cimini is drunk

    just a bona fide pure pass rusher. we have been after one for years.
  13. Cimini is drunk

    someone who will acually sit the QB on his ass?
  14. Cimini is drunk

    he is too fast fr the Jets to draft.