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    I am extremely narrow-minded, petty and vindictive
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    upstate NY-not near Buffalo, thank God
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    Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks, Books, wife
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    Pagan priest-no, just kidding-pagan telecom tech

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    SB III
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    When Rich Kotite got hired.
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    I just cannot make up my mind
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    More or less

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  1. why do we assume these guys are not working because they refuse to reveal their plans to a sniveling, lying press corps?
  2. and we had a GM who though OL was a minor concern for years.
  3. Luke Faulk is not even a good Division 1 College QB. There was no opportunity to win any of the last 3 games. Day One.
  4. he is using the Magic Play book today. In it, Falk is invisible, but he still gets sacked because the ball is visible and there receivers need 7 seconds to get open
  5. This guy looks like a Greek God, but he is built more like a Greek salad under it all
  6. Deep down, Jet fans are immature idiots. I know.
  7. I think their shoes are on the wrong feet
  8. i think the Jet coaches and FO know exactly what they are getting from, and exactly what they can get for. Leonard. I trust their decision making

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