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    I am extremely narrow-minded, petty and vindictive
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    upstate NY-not near Buffalo, thank God
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    Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks, Books, wife
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    Pagan priest-no, just kidding-pagan telecom tech

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    SB III
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    When Rich Kotite got hired.
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    I just cannot make up my mind
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    More or less

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  1. jack48

    Flacco to the Broncos

    I htink Flacco is so done. He lost his job to a rookie who cannot throw
  2. I am tired of Josh. He showed last season that he is incapable of winning a game. He was not even close. I think a backup should be capable of winning a game. I think people who want him back are the same people who think many of our guys are worthy backups, guys like Elijah McGuire or Daryl Roberts or Charone Peake. Or basically any offensive lineman we have. If our front line talent was not any good, how could our backups be any good?
  3. jack48

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    Whose face are they saving? Charlie Casserly's? Ha ha. Agreed. There are even starters on the Jets I would not want as backups. Crowell being one. Skrine (iI know he is a slot corner but i consider him starter) being another. I am not crazy about Carpenter either, but I think he is gone. And whoever our center is is really not a credible backup.
  4. jack48

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    Aah. I never notice roster bonuses., 6.5 does seem like a lot for him. Anything seems like a lot for him, ha ha
  5. jack48

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    He was a cheap lineman and the Jets cut him. I am not so sure they thought he was even decent
  6. jack48

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    Right. Our backups are not worthy. Pure and simple. Backups are not just filler. They have to make a little impact.
  7. No, not really. When I say he should not be allowed back, I am not judging but casting my vote. Just like we do on Election Day. It is nowhere near so drastic as you put it. It is not a command to the league. I think I said I do not believe in second chances in all cases. There are a lot of people who feel that way. No hard feelings. I am sick and tired, frankly, of the thugginess of the NFL. I have been watching games since the late 50s and that aspect of it has magnified 50 times.
  8. jack48

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    I am always happy to see people that did not measure up go. It is better than seeing guys you gave no opportunity to go.
  9. No one is imposing moral views. Take a pill. Stating moral views is not imposing them. I am not a judge. The NFL is the judge in this case. Take your preaching to a friendlier pulpit.
  10. Some football fans are sick. A lot of sports fans are sick. I dont believe in second chances for every transgression. Sorry. And I am no goody two shoes but I do not reward someone who beats women. It is morality--pure and simple. Sports fans often keep morality on the back burner--even sneer at it. They are desperate, tormented souls. Winning is all that counts. Souls for sale.
  11. jack48

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    A lot of these coaches were hired a while ago and only announced Friday. Vitt may have been here before Williams. He wa son the Dolphins staff last year
  12. jack48

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    Vitt is like a 30 year vet in the league. I hardly think it is nepotism. Nepotism invoves hiring unqualified people for positions because they are family.
  13. his own team cut him in seconds
  14. Watching the SB this year, I had to laugh. The "new offensive wave" in the NFL apparently does not apply to games that really count played in perfect offensive weather.
  15. jack48

    Danny Amendola

    Admit it----you secretly want him because he was a Patriot.

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