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    I am extremely narrow-minded, petty and vindictive
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    upstate NY-not near Buffalo, thank God
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    Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks, Books, wife
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    Pagan priest-no, just kidding-pagan telecom tech

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    SB III
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    When Rich Kotite got hired.
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    I just cannot make up my mind
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    More or less

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  1. there was nothing for him here. but he has the fond memory of tutelage by Todd Bowles
  2. jack48

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    they should have held out for a definite 8th
  3. Personally I would rather lose with Darnold than with McCown
  4. Darnold is 20, playing QB for only 4 years and a number 3 pick. How can one not be enthused?
  5. Funny. I have seem Darnold play 6 or 7 games and the one thing that impresses me is how competitive he is on the field
  6. i know 10 year pros who do that---sometimes
  7. Right. He did not catch 63 deep balls last year--and would have had a lot more if we did not have Petty at QB
  8. gets open deep every game. Now has a guy who can get it to him regularly. he is a sh*t, though
  9. Fans like comparisons, but people are not clones of each other. It is great that Sam has escapability. Lots of QBs do. Romo was one of them. That is where the similarity ends. The rest of it is in their heads.
  10. I prefer to prepare my own frozen food
  11. Tom will not see the field when his skills begin to go. BB will ssee to that
  12. Joe just did not have bad knees. He literally hobbled around on the field. that is why people with their stat sheets will never know. namath was a weapon and the feature of every game plan. He threw as nice a football as I have ever seen. HIgh risk-high reward, yes. But hat is better than low risk no reward.
  13. Brilliant comment from a pass protector, who job it is to prevent that happening
  14. how many kicks/punts get returned anymore?