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  1. this guy scours Twitter to find out every word that is said about him. Why? He is a mini-Nixon
  2. Adams claims to have gone to the Jets to let them know he wanted to stay in New York, only to have the GM go “behind my back and shopped me around to teams, even after I asked him to keep me here! Crazy business”. With the Jets sitting at 1-6 and hoping to regroup down the stretch, this very public statement won’t go over well at all. The post Jamal Adams: Jets “Went Behind my Back, Shopped me” appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... just shut up, Jamal. Shut up.
  3. How man INTs does he grab like Ed Reed. How many Polamalu blitzes do we see? He is safety, If they get a 1, great. It they get more, omigosh. His so called greatness is all about flash. He is good, maybe very good, but he plays a position that does ot warrant all the hoopla.
  4. if the league i offering a 5, what can Douglas do? they may not like his game.
  5. They might feel smith is already capable of running the routes Robbe has in his route tree----maybe more. He might be better after the catch YAC wise. He is just as fast and bigger.
  6. KO sounds done. Dont think he likes football anywmore. Sail away
  7. Sam also 'coulda' hated Rhule from Day One. That's another possibility. And where would that have left us. Sam talked to Gase before the hire
  8. People do not want to see the same team win EVERY year, week after week.That cannot be something they plan
  9. Get under Brady's nose. Get Bell up the field in the pass game. Our WOs are going tohave a hard time. Hope Herndon plays.
  10. I watch Fitz and have to laugh at some of his ridiculous throws--that wind up complete. He has never learned anything
  11. no. it is a Jet board. that does not preclude debate, of course. but it is a Jet board. It oozes Jet-ness
  12. I did not realize so many people here had seen so many Baylor games. I have never seen one
  13. Tony loves Sam more than Deke. But he loves the Cowboys best of all.
  14. he will get a holding penalty hall pass up there
  15. Is it the same shoulder he injured last year and missed time over?
  16. Ha ha. I think he just did not want the league to see much of his playbook since he knew Falk would screw things up
  17. looks to have lightly shaky hands, but his size, speed and experience counterbalance that
  18. Just getting everyone in the right place had a huge effect on the OL. Falk could not read protections
  19. Falk could not have run ANY of these plays
  20. he was torn between his kve fir sam and his fandom of the Cowboys
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