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  1. I think he is a bust. But i will be patient and wait another year praying and hoping they get an OL to protect him.
  2. Oh man...i used to post a lot here and then the past several years i have been lurking. You guys are mean to each other lol
  3. I have a big fear he will request a trade. He already did the social media thing. Hes unhappy. All he has done is lose here. What do y'all think?
  4. Let greg williams coach. He will get a few wins and at least have the team feeling good at the end of the year.
  5. I live in missouri now and have Sunday ticket but have not figured out a way to watch the post game pressers. Does anyone know where i can stream it? I would love to hear what gase and Darnold have to say.
  6. USC quarterbacks never do well in the NFL. Darnold is a bust and we all need to admit it. Heck...even geno smith had some good games. So did Sanchez. Doesnt mean they are good.

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