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  1. good advice.....jetta messageboards are also a great place to meet chicks :rl:

    sorry fin I couldn't resist. best of luck to you gettin it fixed. My least favorite place to spend $$$ is under the hood of a car


    vwvortex is the one i found. we'll see...

  2. Damn bro... I remember you having problems... didnt I tell you to run from it! (I hope I did!)

    As it lies... its a $500 car at auction at best... $1500 car fixed... hope that clears up whether or not its worth fixing...

    as for what to do... how much do you owe on it... (or how much are your payments and how many months left)

    Yes..many people have told me that lol. Blue book says around $5,000 - but with the way my engine is working I see what ur saying about $1500 fixed.

    I have 1.5 years left on payments. I want to pay the loan down a bit more and then I think i might head over to Honda this summer and see what I can get that is reliable.

  3. On the parkway going 65 and my timing belt snaps. Luckily I was able to get over on the shoulder with no problem.

    Triple A doesn't tow on the parkway so it cost me $130 to get my car towed off the parkway.

    Turns out not only did the timing belt go, but apparently the cylinder head is damaged as well. I don't know too much about cars so I hope I said that all right.

    Anyone ever have to deal with this??

    1.5 years left on my loan.

    I'm willing to give this car away for free!

    Just thought I would share my lovely story.

  4. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3913182

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Saints release RB McAllister

    By John Clayton


    The New Orleans Saints, as expected, parted ways with long-time running back Deuce McAllister by giving him his release Tuesday. McAllister's release comes one day after the Jacksonville Jaguars cut the franchise's all-time leading running back, Fred Taylor. With a $7.5 million cap number and McAllister owed more than $5 million this fall, the Saints figured to either cut his salary or release him. A news conference was scheduled for Tuesday. His release puts the Saints under the $123 million salary cap. "Decisions like this are always very difficult ones to make," executive vice president/general manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement before the news conference. "Deuce has epitomized hard work, leadership and productivity throughout his career and has been a source of great pride for all of us associated with the team. His records and accomplishments on the field speak for themselves about the type of player he was in a Saints uniform," Loomis said. "He truly ranks as one of the greatest players in our club's history, and we are very respectful of everything he has meant to the Saints and our community." In eight seasons in New Orleans, McAllister rushed for 6,096 yards on 1,429 carries. Knee injuries have slowed him down the past couple of seasons. In his past two years, McAllister had only 131 carries and 510 yards. John Clayton covers the NFL for ESPN.com.

  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7864733.stm

    US sports fans in Arizona got a surprise when their TV coverage of American football's Super Bowl was interrupted by a pornographic film.

    Tucson-based KVOA-TV said it was "dismayed and disappointed" after some cable viewers had their match coverage disrupted towards the end of the game.

    The company said the material was only seen by viewers of one cable network.

    "KVOA will investigate what happened and make sure our viewers get answers," company president Gary Nielsen said.

    "When the NBC feed of the Super Bowl was transmitted from KVOA to local cable providers and through over-the-air antennas, there was no pornographic material," he added.

    Comcast, the cable company whose viewers saw the material, said it was investigating.

    Local media outlets reported that they received calls from furious viewers.

    The clip showed a woman unzipping a man's trousers, followed by a graphic act between the two.

    "I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up," viewer Cora King told the Arizona Daily Star.

    "Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out."

    The interruption happened just after the last touchdown by the Arizona Cardinals, who lost the match to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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