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  1. The Jets are dead, so I'm rooting for Chad Pennington to do what Brett F'ing Favre couldn't - take his team to the playoffs.

    Never thought I'd see the day I could do this, but here it is.

    I agree with you Bob. Pending a complete collapse from the Pats, I am definitely rooting to see Chad win it all. Not the Dolphins, just Chad. :)

  2. From Jets players:

    Q: How many points do you get for returning a blocked PAT all the way?

    • Calvin Pace, LB, Jets: "Two? Isn't that the rule in college?"
    • Kerry Rhodes, S, Jets: "Wait, you're trying to trick me. It's either two or none. I say none."
    • Nick Mangold, C, Jets: "Seven? I have no idea."
    • Dustin Keller, TE, Jets: "I think it's two."
    • Madison: "Two."

    Correct answer: Zero.

    Here is the entire article:


  3. I know you know this PH but these aren't "friends" . I'm handy around cars so I kinda get the same crap. I counter with "I'd LOVE to help but I'm kinda tapped out mentally right now" or "Yeah I can take a look at it but it might cost you some fairly large coin depending on what's wrong with it" . That usually sends the message. Time is money.

    I like that Thai. I'll try telling them I am mentally tapped out right now and just hear their priceless reaction..."ohhh....oh ok..."

    Thanks :headbang:

  4. Just **** up really badly. So that when you leave, the little problem they had is now a huge problem. No one will bother you for help anymore.

    The funny thing with me is people assume I know anything about computers because I work on high end ones every day. People ask me for help when in reality, I can build them a professional HD editing system in an afternoon, but if their printer isn't working, well I have no clue.


    Good idea!

    Next time I am going to literally pick up their machine and drop it as hard as I can. That might be better than screwing up their software somehow. They literally won't even have a computer anymore!


  5. As long as they don't abuse it IMO.


    That is what this whole thread is about. :)

    I am getting frequent calls now. Probably once or twice a week from a couple of "friends".

    Every time now they are asking me to come over or having me walk them through things on the phone. No more friendly calls are here. Only computer help!

  6. I am the tech support for all my family and friends and have no issue with it. It comes with the territory IMO and I really don't mind it as to me that is what friends are for. I even did work for free for a couple of dudes that post on this site...

    Yeah family is fine 100% of the time.

    When your friends only call you now to fix computers...then is it ok?

  7. I own a military memorabilia business. Guys I served with are always looking for a discount. I figure, what the hell...I'll just make it up with someone I didn't serve with...:eek:

    But seriously, I'm a softy when it comes to some of my customers...you wouldn't believe the stuff I give away sometimes.

    That's actually really cool.

    What kind of things do you sell?

  8. Really? I dunno I fix my own **** and it never takes me longer than 10-15 minutes. I guess it's because I know how to actually know how to use my computer and don't **** it up.

    Also, you should beat the **** out of that real estate dude.

    That's exactly it. I use macs now, but when I used PCs it would take me no longer than 10 minutes to fix a problem, if i had one.

    But like you said...that is because you know what you are doing.

  9. phinhater, take it as a compliment & be glad they think enough of your skills to ask for help. Unless it really bugs you. I don't mind offering free help to friends.

    and oh yeah, check your pm box, I have a question regarding my hardrive :mrgreen:

    I see your point and I agree with it, but there are never any phone calls or invites anymore unless it involved fixing something. No joke either. Not a hey how ya doing ok talk to you later...not a hope all is well...happy birthday...happy turkey day...

    All of them only call now for one reason only.

    Got your PM. I'll come over tonight and fix it for you. Can you make dinner?

  10. I get the occasional can you fix my computer people too. The best is when they don't understand why they have so many pop ups. STOP CLICKING EVERY ****ING LINK WITH BRIGHT FLASHY COLORS AND YOU WON'T!


    That's what I tell them.

    My friend calls me up 2 days ago after I just gave her computer back and says she has all these pop ups again. I just formatted and reinstalled her machine!

    I said to her someone clicked on something! She doesn't understand...

  11. You fix computers for a living... Computers are made like ****. If you spend 5 minutes fixing a computer it's not really a big deal. Unless they're only playing with you because you can fix computers than that sucks.

    What do they do for a living? Have them help you out. If one of these guys is a doctor have him stick his finger in your ass.

    No, I am a web developer and designer for a living. I used to do computer repair and teach it as well at a trade school.

    5 minutes?????? No way. They mess up their computers so bad that half the time they get the blue screen of death on their PC and I am forced to take their machine home, reinstall, and deliver it back to them.

    Or they get this killer virus where it won't even let me boot into safe mode to clean out their system.

    Trust me, if it was a 5 minute deal, then I would not really be complaining.

  12. 2nd place in my big money league. 4 teams make the playoffs and only one has clinched. This is our last week of the season. There are 4 teams with the same record as me, 8-5 and only 3 playoff spots left to clinch this week. I am in 2nd place because I lead all the 8-5 teams in points.

    My other 2 leagues I am 5 out of 8, in the playoffs, and 4 out of 10, in the playoffs as well.

  13. So I have been noticing something lately with a few of my "friends".

    For the past couple of months I get the following phone calls:

    "Hey! How ya doing? Listen, I need help with my computer."


    "Hey, do you and the the fiance want to come over for dinner tonight? (me, "sure!") While you are here, can you look at my computer?"


    "Hey, do you and the fiance want to come over for dinner tonight?" (me, "sure!")

    Then...we get there for dinner...

    "Hey, since you are here can you look at my computer?"


    What do I do? Clearly they are not good "friends" like I thought. Do I tell them to go eff off? Do I just start charging?

    One of my friends is a 49ers fan and I am the godfather of their child. He invited us over for the Jet game on Sunday and I said yes. On the phone he said you know I am going to need you for your computer knowledge.

    Just getting sick of people assuming I am always going to fix their computers and have no problem with it.

    What does a little boy like myself do?

  14. I'm saying, if the Jets were as good as they/we thought they were, we should have beaten them regardless of the weather...thus, who are the "real" Jets?

    Yes I agree that we should have beat them, but, there were some obvious mistakes regarding the footballs being wet, slipping, catching, and hanging onto the ball.

    I am not saying the ONLY reason we lost was because of a sloppy field and a wet football, but you have to admit...it certainly did not help.

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