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  1. Three things:

    1) Phinhater-big time fail on the thread title LOL

    2) With CTM's posting of the article noting that there was a $64 million swing in favor of the bookies because of the blown TD call, coupled with the 13-1 penalties against the Steelers, makes you seriously wonder in the Refs were on the take in this one.

    3) What a horrible lateral. Seriously, who the hell throws the ball UP in the air on a lateral? That last one which led to the TD was ridiculous execution. The player had time to make a real lateral. Heck he could have actually thrown it behind him. Instead, he heaves up a jump ball to an OLineman. Idiotic.

    lol - yes it was a huge fail. I was out of the loop for the first time all season. Since the Jets weren't playing I promised the future Mrs. I would take her out during the day. Came home and saw the highlights and got it all mixed up. :)

  2. You gotta be careful. When you first start paying bills like electric, gas, water, etc., you don't realize how much they can run up.

    Watch the lights and the AC. What temp was the AC at when you did have it on??

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