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  1. Yeah now i see it posted. I'm such a loser for double posting. Ban me.
  2. Sorry if this was posted. Didn't see it. Tebow tweeted before Monday nights game, "Looking forward to the 666th Monday night football game......" Sanchez wears #6 He has a passer rating of 66.6 He's averaging 6.6 yards per completion He has 6 TDs He has 6 INTs His longest pass of the year is 66 yards.
  3. 31 - Been together a couple years, no reason to impress. Loves the beach but I think some sort of boat ride would be too cold.
  4. haha i knew posting here would be bad... AC is great. Hotels are expensive though. Anyone know a good website that offers discounts? I tried expedia
  5. I'm in Central NJ - Monmouth County Thanks, I will PM her!
  6. I'm stumped. Overnight place that is good? Like a bed and breakfast? Her bday on Friday. Thanks if anyone can help!
  7. I would've thought Cowher would want the Giants job when that opens...
  8. I don't think so. If he keeps going upwards and the fans react well to him I am sure he would love to sign here. This is the only team that gave him a second shot.
  9. I know there are probably a lot of Maybin threads here, but damn! Anyone else pumped about this guy?
  10. PhinHater


    Well if you look at our schedule, the 3 toughest opponents are NE, Philly and Giants (and buffalo). I think 11-5 is a strong possibility.
  11. LOL well that was short-lived. Honestly, Revis took that all the wrong way.
  12. on 660 now...it's funny. They are getting into an argument over the uncalled penalty. Anyone listening?
  13. I'm leaning towards vick, but i really like sanchez this week... so torn... My gut is telling me sanchez. Do I follow my gut?
  14. Kind of torn... I think Vick could light it up, but sometimes the giants D can look great. I also think Sanchez can light it up against the Raiders. Thoughts??
  15. I think this was a bad move. He was a great mentor for Sanchez.
  16. Adding Ronnie Brown would only add depth at RB. Can't hurt IMO if we get him cheap.
  17. I guess they realize they need to step it up financially??
  18. Of course! lol Actually I told him if he needs me to fill in on the defensive line that I am available and big enough. He laughed and said ok no problem. Not sure if he realized I was serious...
  19. Just thought I would share... Anyone go to the book signing in Mendham?
  20. Max we should change the theme of the banner. How about Vernon Gholston, Blair Thomas, Dewayne Robertson and Dave Cadigan?
  21. Ha, no. I think for everything $150 is fair.
  22. Any fellow Jets fans need an xbox 360? I don't play mine anymore and want to sell it. I have the system, 2 wireless controllers, madden 2011, the new castlevania game and the godfather. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  23. wow we got lucky there!! let's take advantage of it. sanchez to keller for a td sounds good to me
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